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About Us

About You

You may be an experienced mobile or tablet repair expert or you may be considering whether you can possibly repair your mobile device because you've never done it before. You may be wondering whether you can get the right parts at a fair cost, would help be available if you got stuck with your repair, can you check before you buy that you're ordering the right components? We know these are some of the questions our customers ask because you tell us. We understand completely and are dedicated to helping our long-standing and new customers get where they want to go without paying high prices for manufacturer repairs. Whether through providing a great parts service, offering expert advice or undertaking your repair ourselves, we're here to help, whatever your repair needs or level of expertise.

About us

Where Are We?

We are based at our Newport, South Wales headquarters which in addition to our owner David, is run by a dedicated team. We are fortunate to have a team with a broad range of mobile device specialist knowledge and the interest in passing that knowledge and its benefit on to the customer.


What Do We Do?

iParts4u is a trusted parts supplier for many makes and models of mobile phones, tablets and music players. We also sell accessories and tools and offer repair services.


The iParts4U Story

Hi, I'm David Humphrey and I'm the founder and director of iParts4u Ltd. I started iParts4u when I was doing mobile phone repairs for friends and family on their iPhone 2G and 3G phones back in 2009. The industry was very different from how it is now, with very few professional companies offering parts and the main source of parts being eBay.  One of the issues with this was the quality of goods that I was having to repair phones with - many of the parts were found to be ineffective and this caused me concern as I wondered whether the parts were faulty or whether I had done something wrong.  Being from an electrical engineering background, I did many tests and found the parts were subpar compared to the original parts supplied on handsets from Apple.  I made it my mission to search out reputable suppliers of quality parts in other countries.  Once I knew the parts were of good quality, with very little in the way of faults, I decided to sell these parts on eBay so that other small businesses and individuals like myself could buy quality parts and be sure of good quality. 


So, for 4 years I sold parts on eBay with a reputation score of 99.7 out of 100 and over 40,000 orders completed.  The company grew significantly in this time although this was not without issue. One of the main issues I noticed was that the competition on eBay was undercutting my prices with subpar parts and the only way to compete and stay profitable would be to change the very core of my belief of quality parts, to sell inferior products.  I decided that I could not do this and, with this in mind, I built the iParts4u website and started moving some of my bigger customers over to where I could offer better prices without the eBay fees. 


In 2013, I set the company up as a Limited company, and by the end of 2013 I closed our eBay store, due to the poor quality and many fake parts being sold by competitors on the site.  I did not look back after this bold move.  We are now in 2019 - the business has grown from strength to strength and we’ve picked up some pretty great customers.  As the company has adapted and grown, I have taken it upon myself to learn PCB repairs for mobile devices and expanded my knowledge in how the market works, as well as what build LCDs we should be supplying to our customers.  We have also made great relationships with major supply lines for genuine solutions, such as Samsung, Huawei and Sony.

Thanks for dropping by today and I look forward to helping you with your repair needs.





Why Do We Think We Can Help You?

We think it’s important for our customers to know as much as possible about us, so we’ve created this page to tell you a little about what we do, where we started and why you should consider buying from the best parts supplier in the UK.

Can I Visit Your Office Shop To Have Repairs Carried Out?

That isn't a problem and we would be happy to see you.  Our location, contact details and opening times can be found below.

Do Our Customers Trust Us?

Many customers think so and we have many long-standing relationships with customers who have been with us for many years. We are their preferred supplier of high-quality replacement parts in the UK and abroad - why not check out our recent customer experience reviews from Google Reviews and Trustpilot.

Have We Been Mentioned In Any Industry Or User Articles?

Yes, iParts4u have been mentioned in many trade articles such as this one and many others. We are proud to be seen as a trusted brand throughout the UK and Europe who are able to provide high-quality components.

Who Have We Worked With?

As we have been around for a while, we have been trusted to provide parts to some of the biggest brand customers in the UK such as iSmash, Phoenix Cellular, iCrunch, iCovers, Music Magpie and many more. 

Who Do We Sell To?

A lot of our business is with trade customers, such as phone repairers and mobile phone shops, as well as schools and business organisations with large amounts of electronic devices. 







Why Should You Buy From Us, What Makes us Different?

The answer – quality, warranty, delivery and customer service.

We only source the best quality parts and tools for our customers.  All the products have individual information about the quality and will detail whether they are high quality or premium quality.  Please rest assured, we do not ever buy or sell grade A or B quality goods and we do not use them in our repairs either.  We pride ourselves on our good customer service and if we provided you with a lower quality product, we would definitely be doing you a disservice.  We also offer great warranties, so you can be sure to trust our products.

With regards to delivery, we use a range of delivery companies, such as Royal Mail, DPD and DHL.  There are multiple options to choose from and we offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount (please check the main page or product pages for up-to-date information on this).

We are at the end of the phone or an e-mail and we are always happy to help a customer in need.  Our dedicated team are very knowledgeable and can point you in the direction of the correct part for your particular electronic device problem, or they can talk you through repairs and give advice on trickier fixes. We do this by phone support, one-to-one advice to our Newport store visitors and through the publication of online guides and video tutorials available on our blog and through our Youtube channel. Collectively, we publish our guides and blog articles under the name of 'Ike' which is our business publishing persona. When you see an article or video from Ike you will know it is backed by our expertise and experience and therefore is a reliable guide for you to use.







What's it Like Working For  iParts4U?

Busy!  We spend all day packing orders, repairing electronic devices, answering the phones, responding to e-mails and trying to make sure everything is perfect for our customers.  Not to mention all of the behind-the-scenes work that goes on, like keeping the website up-to-date and making product and repair videos. We wouldn’t have it any other way though – we want happy and loyal customers and this is how we do it!

The iParts4u team has over 10 years of experience in the phone repair industry so we are confident we can answer any technical question you may have, so if you are looking for the best advice and service get in contact with us.

Where Can I Find You?

iParts4u Ltd
41 Phoenix Business Park
Telford Street
NP19 0LW





What Times Are We Open?*

Monday - 9am - 5pm
Tuesday - 9am - 5pm
Wednesday - 9am - 5pm
Thursday - 9am - 5pm
Friday - 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed




*please be aware that these are our official opening hours, where the phone lines are open and the warehouse is open for collections. However, we will sometimes respond to messages outside of these times.

**please be aware that these times may change during public holidays and other times of year, as necessary - this will always be communicated on our main page.





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