Apple iPad Air OEM WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement Part

Apple iPad Air OEM WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement Part
  • The Apple iPad 5 Air OEM Wi-Fi antenna cable replacement part is a component you may need to repair your tablet if it cannot properly connect to wireless hotspots. The antenna and the cable accompanying it will let you access a world of information and entertainment online. So replace it with this official spare and get your iPad Air back on the road to recovery.


    Wi-Fi Survival

    You may be able to go without a Wi-Fi connection for your iPad Air to use for a few hours, but realistically this is a tablet that needs internet access to work well, and without it you will be stuck using whatever apps you have managed to download before the connection was cut.

    To get online with your iPad via Wi-Fi, it is important for the antenna to be in good working order. And since this part is built into the body of the device, not protruding from it like on an old-fashioned radio, it can stay relatively safe from harm for long periods.

    The antenna and the cable that links it to the rest of the tablet’s hardware may become ripped, warped or otherwise incapacitated if your tablet is repaired without an especially delicate touch. It could also malfunction and interrupt your connectivity out of the blue.

    Buying iPad 5 parts such as this antenna and flex cable will allow you to replace components that have stopped working properly and keep your tablet ticking even after years of service.


    New Dawn

    The replacement antenna for the iPad Air offered here is a new OEM component, originating from genuine Apple sources and providing a design and build that makes it fully compatible with the fifth version of this tablet range.

    When fixing an iPad Air, it is necessary to buy components such as this which are intended to return lost functions and work flawlessly with a particular model. This also means you should check the specifications with care and only use this OEM part with the correct iPad model, which in this case is the iPad 5 in all its variants.

    Wi-Fi Workaround

    To get this part working with your iPad Air and ensure that Wi-Fi access is restored, it is necessary to have a professional install the new antenna and cable. This is because the process can be fiddly and those without prior experience may not find that their iPad gets through it unscathed.

    However your iPad Air’s Wi-Fi antenna has been compromised, whether through direct damage to the hardware or some kind of problem that has arisen on its own, this replacement will stop your tablet from failing you any more.

    Replacing it is especially important if you own a version of the iPad Air that does not have mobile networking capabilities via a 3G or 4G connection, since if the Wi-Fi antenna is out of action, then your days of accessing the internet from your tablet will be over. Checked thoroughly before shipping, this replacement part is the one that many people will have been waiting to find.


Friendly Reminder: Special skill and techniques required for proper installation. Think twice before you disassemble your iPad Air !

Note: Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this accessory!

Compatible with:

  • iPad Air

Package content:

  • 1 x Apple iPad 5 (Air) OEM WiFi Antenna Cable Replacement Part 821-1897-A

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OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”. In essence, this is the name which applies to an item which is able to be reconstructed to its original quality, despite being damaged or worn out through overuse. This renovation is achieved using the exact same materials and specifications as the original product. 


OEM is used when describing parts that are new, used or refurbished. If you’re unsure of the condition of an item in question, you’ll be able to locate it by looking at the product description. On some occasions, you’ll find third-party items have been used in the construction of the newly refurbished items.


OEM Parts will not carry the original logos or branding as a means of avoiding paying the additional fees of the brand in question. The cost of these particular items will be set in accordance to the price of production, rather than the marketing or values which the brand supports.


Thorough testing is implemented to ensure all product parts are up to scratch, with every individual component thoroughly tested to guarantee it’s fully operational. If they do meet these exacting standards, you’ll find all items supplied as OEM are covered by an extensive warranty. iParts4u is not associated with the device’s manufacturer and, in many cases, will not source the parts directly from them. They’ll also not be involved with the testing or sale of the item in question.




High Quality Parts


In the case of high quality parts, you’ll find these have been assembled and manufactured via a third party. They’ll be constructed from partially or entirely aftermarket elements, meaning they’re not produced by an OEM licensed factory. As well as this, they’ll be made compatible and of a similar spec to the part they’re replacing.


iParts4u offer the same warranty on high quality parts as we do on our OEM parts. We understand how important it is for our customers to have peace of mind, and this extensive warranty guarantees that.


What’s more, thorough testing of all parts in question – all carried out at our in-house testing facilities – ensures all products are in elite condition before we make them available to our loyal shoppers. Any items we find below standard won’t be made available for public use.


As a business who work with manufacturers to help develop and improve products on a routine basis, we’re keen to only allow the highest quality parts to become available in our online storeroom. 

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