Apple iPad Air Power On / Off Flex Cable Replacement Part

Apple iPad Air Power On / Off Flex Cable Replacement Part
  • Being able to power up your iPad Air properly, as well as unlocking the display, is something no owner will want to miss. So when the part that makes this possible takes a turn for the worse, this replacement could rescue your tablet. The Apple iPad 5 Air power on off flex cable replacement part can be an inexpensive way to undo damage to your preferred tablet device.

    No Pressure

    As alluring as the 9.7 inch Retina Display of the iPad Air might be, there is no doubting the added reliability which comes with being able to control certain functions using good old physical buttons. And of the small number of traditional inputs offered on this tablet, the power button is arguably the most important.

    Without it you will not only be unable to turn your iPad Air on, but will also lack the ability to unlock the screen effectively, leaving you no choice but to find the right iPad 5 parts to carry out repairs.

    The flex cable that connects the exterior button to the rest of the tablet can often be the culprit if power problems arise, so replacing it with this new version is a great idea. The original cable may crack, snap, shear or break in any number of ways, as well as be susceptible to malfunctions that occur for seemingly no reason, so this official part will get your iPad working again.

    Full House

    The power button is not the only element included with this flex cable assembly, as it also serves to get other buttons working which may have been damaged. This means that it is a good part to buy if you can no longer use the volume buttons to adjust the audio settings of your iPad Air or flick the switch that lets you mute or unmute your tablet as appropriate to make it easier to use in a discreet fashion.

    These inputs all share the same cabling under the skin of the iPad Air, although remember that replacing this component can be difficult and expert assistance is recommended.

    This part also consists solely of the flex cable for the power button, volume and mute keys, not the actual keys themselves. So if these also need to be replaced, buy the appropriate components from iParts4u to make this a possibility.

    Vigilant Value

    This Apple iPad 5 Air power on off flex cable replacement part is the perfect fit for your fifth-generation Apple tablet. And it will work with all versions of the iPad Air but should not be used with previous or subsequent models.

    This component will be examined before shipping, preventing faulty or damaged items from ending up in the possession of iParts4u customers. And for professional repairers, having this part on stand-by will be a good way of being able to cater to the needs of people who need your services as quickly as possible, rather than only ordering one when the circumstances call for it. Being prepared can pay.


Friendly reminder:

  • Highly recommend professional installation.
  • Our company holds NO responsibility for any damage caused by installation of replacement parts.

Compatible with:

  • iPad Air(iPad 5)

Package content:

  • 1 x Apple iPad 5 (Air) Power On - Off Flex Cable Replacement Part 
  • Replacement part only, instructions and tools NOT included.

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Parts Quality Explained – OEM


OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” there are many discriptions online of what this means, so we want to explain what it means to iParts4u.


The term OEM means the same build quality as an original manufactured part, using the same materials and specifications of the original part.


OEM is used when describing parts that are new, used or refurbished. The condition of any product will be in the description.


OEM products can sometimes be made up of several parts, these would be assembled by a third party factory, in some cases the consumables used in the production of these parts may differ.


All parts go through strict testing procedures to ensure the quality of the part, however these testing procedures may differ from that of the original manufacturers procedures.


Any parts supplied as OEM will not have any quality loss or loss of functions and will be covered under our extensive warranty.


OEM Parts will not carry the original logos or branding as to avoid the additional cost of the brand value of the original part. It is more likely that an OEM cost, will be associated with the actual cost of producing the product, rather than due to the expense of marketing the entire brand and the values that the brand supports.


iParts4u is not associated with the devices manufacturer and in many cases will not source the parts directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is also not involved with the sales or testing of any product.




Parts Quality Explained – High Quality (Non OEM)


High Quality parts are manufactured and assembled by third party manufacturers, from partially or all aftermarket components. This means that this is not made by an OEM licensed factory.


High Quality parts are a compatible part made to similar specifications of that of the original part.


iParts4u go through many months of testing third party parts and have strict testing facilities for these parts, we always try to obtain the best quality parts and products in the market and are always working with the manufacturers to develop these parts.


iParts4u offer the same warranty on all our High Quality parts as that of the OEM parts to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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