Apple iPad Air SIM Card Slot Socket Holder Replacement With Flex Cable

Apple iPad Air SIM Card Slot Socket Holder Replacement With Flex Cable
  • To get the 4G-ready versions of the iPad Air connected, you will need a SIM card, but the slot that accepts this module can malfunction or break quite easily. This makes getting a replacement a good idea, especially if you want to prepare for future catastrophes. The Apple iPad 5 Air SIM card slot socket holder replacement with flex cable is the component that can truly ease your pain.

    Open Slot

    Any device which wants to access mobile network connectivity, which is widely available throughout the country, requires a SIM card to achieve this. The SIM is the component which identifies individual users to network providers and ensures that they can be verified so that services can be legitimately provided.

    All smartphones feature a SIM card slot housed somewhere within them, but only the more expensive models in the iPad Air range are endowed with this capability, which is why the replacement SIM card slot offered here will only be suitable for a select number of models.

    If your iPad Air can no longer make use of 3G or 4G networks, even in areas where coverage should be strong, as a result of a SIM error or other issue, then replacing the slot and socket that holds this card in place will be the next point on your to do list.

    Hold Tight

    This part consists of the SIM slot socket and the small metal clip which holds the card in place while it is on board your iPad Air. It also features the flex cable that connects to the tablet’s main board and means that the SIM can be read correctly so that the iPad Air can get you online at superfast speeds when Wi-Fi networking is not available.

    If you have multiple SIM cards and swap them regularly, the wear and tear can make your iPad Air’s original socket unusable. Even if its ability to read the SIM remains, the part which holds it in place might loosen, which is why there are many reasons to consider replacing it.

    As with all good iPad 5 parts, this SIM card socket is a genuine component and so will work without any problem if installed by a professional in a compatible Apple tablet. Just ensure that you combine it with the fifth generation of the iPad family, choosing only models which already have a SIM card slot and socket on board.

    Irrepressible Networking

    Since the iPad Air with mobile networking capabilities will have required quite a bit of upfront investment to procure, there is no sense in letting an issue with an inexpensive component such as the SIM card socket get in the way of your Apple tablet user experience.

    Remember that while this part may not cost much, attempting to repair your iPad Air without the proper skills can lead to other things going awry, which makes it worth contacting an expert to get the job done. This will eliminate the risks associated with installation and still be very affordable.


Friendly Reminder: Special skills and techniques required for proper installation. Think twice before you disassemble your devices!

Note: Our company is not responsible for any damage caused by installation of this repair part!

Compatible with:

  • iPad Air (iPad 5)

Package content:

  • 1 x Apple iPad 5 (Air) SIM Card Slot Socket Holder Replacement With Flex Cable
  • Accessory only, other is NOT included

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