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Apple iWatch Replacement Parts

Our company has definitely seen how the popularity of the Apple iWatch has grown since their already impressive debut. One of the beautiful parts of Apple's iWatch strategy has been focusing on two main styles that they then continue to improve upon. Instead of getting spread out too much, they focus on creating two outstanding models and developing them. We work with both the 38mm as well as the 42mm models of this watch and have seen the changes from 1st Gen to 2nd Gen for both. We stock a range of replacement components for this innovative technology.

Apple Watch

The Apple iWatch And Fixing This Device

The iWatch contains a wide array of parts that may need repair or replacement from time to time. From replacement adhesive pads to lens covers and connectors, we have parts for every generation and model of iWatch. 1st Gen 38mm, 2nd Gen 38mm, 1st Gen 42mm, 2nd Gen 42mm - we serve them all!

Several of the most common replacement parts we carry include:

  • LCD replacement screens
  • Tempered glass covers
  • Digitizers
  • LCD adhesive
  • Connectors
  • Replacement Batteries
  • Heart rate sensor lens covers & more!

We recognise that having the right parts for the right iWatch model is critical in order to provide all of our customers with the service that they need. We take pride in having all these parts and more. Whatever replacement iWatch parts you need we have them in stock to provide for the quick replacement. iParts4U specialise in providing our customers with elite quality, for affordable prices. We're so confident you won't be able to beat the value we offer, we're prepared to lower our own prices if you find the same product and service being offered for less elsewhere. It's all about keeping our customers as happy as possible. 

Apart from our quality-tested replacements we also offer a minimum 1-year guarantee on our parts, together with a 30-day return on faulty components and same or next working day shipping.  We also have our respected support service where we can answer your questions about purchases, suitability of parts and the proposed repair itself. just contact us to discuss your needs if required.

What Is An Apple Watch Used For?

The Apple Watch is a versatile tool, and the more customers learn about what it can do, the more popular the device seems to become. The watch can be used as a speakerphone for incoming and outgoing calls (as long as a phone is also present and connected), which is a convenient touch in certain circumstances. It can also be used to access Siri, track fitness numbers and exercise levels, access Apple Pay for shopping where that system is accepted, and finally to use a wide variety of popular smartphone apps. 

This is an extremely versatile little smartwatch. From using popular apps to accessing Apple Pay to taking the place of a Fitbit, there's plenty to love about what the iWatch has to offer. If the past is any indication, the future will be increasingly exciting for this product and we will be here to continue to provide replacement parts and outstanding service.

Can You Make Calls On An Apple Watch?

This is sort of a yes and no answer. The Apple Watch does feature a built-in speaker and microphone for phone calls but those calls must go through a smartphone on your person in order to get to the watch. The calling features don't work without that attached phone, which does limit the overall use of calling features that can be found on this device.

Can You Use Your Apple Watch Without Your Phone?

To a limited extent, yes, the Apple Watch can still be used without an iPhone nearby. While Apple has publicly announced future watch models will become increasingly self-sufficient, the previously mentioned models to have some limits. Obviously, calls are off the table at that point. However, there are different options as long as Wi-Fi networks are available. Recent models have an option to attach to a cellular network which restores the complete array of options.

If neither of those is available then the Apple Watch will be limited to basic functions.

If you need any replacement iWatch parts, then contact us today to get the pieces you need to restore your iWatch to prime condition.

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