1st Gen 42mm

Apple Watch 1st Generation 42mm Repair Parts

The Apple Watch 1st gen is a gadget that truly ignited the smartwatch genre. If you currently have one of these that seems to be malfunctioning, you might think you have to send it off to an expensive repair centre. The truth is, you can often repair a lot of components on the iWatch on your own at a significantly reduced cost. View our range of parts for this amazing gadget here.

1st Gen 42mm
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Need to replace the LCD on your iWatch? Then you’ll need to replace the LCD Adhesive at the same tim..

£1.95 Ex Tax: £1.63

- +

iWatch 42mm 1st Gen LCD Flex Connector     ** This part is not made by Apple and ..

£4.66 Ex Tax: £3.88

- +


£49.95 Ex Tax: £41.63

- +

Replacement for iWatch 42mm 1st Gen MIC Flex   ** This part is not made by Apple and is a..

£3.48 Ex Tax: £2.90

- +

Replacement for iWatch 42mm 1st Gen Touch Panel Black   Condition: New Compatibil..

£11.95 Ex Tax: £9.96

- +

Protect your iWatch with this 9H tempered glass screen protector. Don't leae your iWatch unprotected..

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.25

- +

Protect your 42mm iWatch with this premium tempered glass, this will help reduce the possibility of ..

£1.95 Ex Tax: £1.63

- +

Y0.6mm Special Screwdriver - Best No.6666 - For iWatch Teardown If you are looking to repair your i..

£4.66 Ex Tax: £3.88

- +

Repairing The Apple 1st Gen 42mm Smart Watch

We offer a comprehensive range of key spares for this model from Apple. Our selection of quality parts normally includes;

  • Screen And Digitizer Assembly. 

This is easily one of the most important components on your iWatch and perhaps the most likely to need replacing. If your screen either cracks or otherwise breaks, you will need to replace it or have it repaired. 

  • LCD Adhesive. 

If you need to replace your screen, you will need to get LCD adhesive to go along with the replacement screen in order to ensure that it bonds properly. 

  • Mic Flex. 

Your mix flex might get ruined or otherwise start to malfunction. We have the replacement part needed to repair it. 

  • Tempered Glass Screen Protector. 

We offer a high-quality tempered glass screen protector that you can apply on your iWatch. Because it is tempered glass, it will look and feel just like your original watches glass screen. The only difference is, you will be able to protect it from bumps, minor falls, and more. This can keep you from having to fully replace your screen altogether. Therefore, it can maximise the life of your watches screen. 

  • Special Screwdriver.

We stick the appropriately sized screwdriver that is needed to completely tear down your Apple iWatch. This is going to allow you to take advantage of our low cost and high-quality replacement parts and components which can keep your watch functioning as well as possible for as little as possible. 

We know how important it is to keep your Apple Watch functioning as it should. That is why we offer high-quality replacement parts that you might need to get your watch working again without having to spend the outrageous prices that repair centres charge.

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