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19th November 2020
How much does it cost to replace an iphone screen

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone Screen In 2021?

How much does repairing an iPhone screen cost? This is perhaps the most asked question that our technical service desk receives (see our prices below). Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised […]
2nd November 2020
The Main Reasons Your iPad Won't Turn On (With Solutions)

3 Main Reasons Your iPad Won’t Turn On (With Solutions)

Imagine taking your iPad to check through your emails or take some photos only to find out that it won’t turn on. It’s frustrating, as our […]
15th October 2020

Renewed vs Refurbished: What is the difference?

If you are on our website often, you may have come across terms such as refurbished and renewed in some parts of the site. Some people […]
6th August 2020
Mobile Phone Battery guides from iParts4U

What’s wrong with my phone battery? A helpful guide to keeping your mobile alive

Do you consider the phone battery before you buy your next mobile? Well, most people only think of the obvious marketing features like the camera quality, […]
10th December 2019
iphone charging

5 Signs Your iPhone Needs a New Battery

When to Replace an iPhone Battery Is your iPhone performing sub-par and crashing has become a routine? It might be all in the battery. Learn when […]
6th October 2019
This can happen with a cheap iphone screen

Why Wholesalers Should Never Settle for Low-Quality, Cheap iPhone Screens

Have you ever broken your iPhone screen? In the United Kingdom, people spend nearly £700-billion fixing broken smartphone screens. That’s nearly £20-million every single day. If you’re a […]
27th September 2019
iphone with low battery indicator

Can You Replace an iPhone Battery? Yes, And Here’s Why

Can you replace an iPhone battery? Yes, you can. Most certainly and especially if the phone is no longer charging. Here’s why. A long-standing conspiracy theory […]
28th June 2018
Damaged iPhone 6 case and screen

How Much To Replace a damaged iPhone 6, 7, 8 or iPhone X LCD screen

We have updated this article with current iPhone screen repair cost pricing. All around the world, every day, people drop their phones. There’s always that gut-wrenching […]
28th November 2016
Samsung Folding Phone animation

Future iPhone Could Be Foldable

At the moment the last thing an iPhone users should do is attempt to fold their high-cost handset in half to make it more portable. Apple […]