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19th November 2020
How much does it cost to replace an iphone screen

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone Screen?

How much does repairing an iPhone screen cost? This is perhaps the most asked question that our technical service desk receives (see our prices below). Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised […]
15th October 2020

Renewed vs Refurbished: What is the difference?

If you are on our website often, you may have come across terms such as refurbished and renewed in some parts of the site. Some people […]
15th September 2020
Saving contacts to my SIM Card on iPhone

How Do I Save My Contacts To My SIM Card On iPhone?

There are a lot of reasons why users would want to transfer contacts from their phone to a sim card. For example, you may have bought […]
4th September 2020
How To Show Battery Percentage On An iPhone XR

How To Show Battery Percentage On An iPhone XR

The majority of smartphones have a graphic representation of the devices’ battery life displayed somewhere on the screen. There may be some differences in how the […]
20th August 2020
How To Still Do 4 Important Things When An IPhone Screen Breaks

How to STILL do 4 important things when an iPhone screen breaks

Smartphones are now part of our day-to-day life, meaning we carry them everywhere we go. Unlike telephones that lived on a desk or a wall, mobile […]
10th December 2019
iphone charging

5 Signs Your iPhone Needs a New Battery

When to Replace an iPhone Battery Is your iPhone performing sub-par and crashing has become a routine? It might be all in the battery. Learn when […]
19th November 2019
iParts4U Battery

Will an aftermarket battery damage my iPhone?

Quite often we get asked by our customers if we supply original Apple batteries, so we decided to write up a small post addressing this. As […]
28th October 2019
3U Tools Dashboard

How to Identify and copy iPhone Screen data

At iParts4u we are always looking to help our customers with their repair experience, so with that in mind, we have written up this post to […]