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17th March 2020
Playstation 4 Replacement Parts

Reliable Game Console Parts From iParts4U

iParts4u are pleased to announce our new line of game console parts! Over the past year, many of our customers have been asking us to stock […]
18th February 2020
How the Coronavirus is affecting the mobile device market

2019-nCoV: How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Mobile Market

Many of our customers may have noticed a number of products recently going out of stock. We want to explain why this is, so that you, […]
3rd October 2018
Fitting an LCD

Connecting Flex Cables During Mobile & Tablet Repair

As most electronic devices can complete numerous tasks, there are equally numerous components which control these functions. Whilst the motherboard is like the brain of an […]
3rd October 2018
Screwpost example 2

Replacing screws inside my iPhone

iPhone repairs can be tricky as there any many small components and screws that hold them into place! At first glance, most of these screws may […]
3rd October 2018
As new image

Lines down my iPhone LCD screen?

Vertical lines displaying down the screen is almost always a direct result of an LCD panel that has cracked. The most common occurrence for this kind […]
23rd November 2016
iPhone Touch fingerprint protection capture pad

Apple Confirms Plans to Address ‘Touch Disease’ Issues

A design flaw which leads to iPhone 6 Plus models suffering from unresponsive displays and eventual bricking has officially been recognised by Apple, with the Californian […]
17th November 2016
Samsung galaxy new note 7

Samsung Smartphone Battery Scandal Exacerbated by Washing-Machine Recall

Anyone with even a vague interest in tech-related news will know that South Korean firm Samsung has had a tough month in the wake of its […]
27th October 2016
iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel: Repairability

In this post we look at the iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel, the basis – repairability. While Google may have used its marketing push for the […]
30th September 2016
Max res default graphic

There Isn’t A Hidden Headphone Socket On Your iPhone 7

By far the most talked-about aspect of the new iPhone range is not a new feature it introduced but rather one it lacked – namely the […]