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2nd November 2020
The Main Reasons Your iPad Won't Turn On (With Solutions)

3 Main Reasons Your iPad Won’t Turn On (With Solutions)

Imagine taking your iPad to check through your emails or take some photos only to find out that it won’t turn on. It’s frustrating, as our […]
7th July 2020

User Guide To Troubleshooting iPads The Right Way

If you refurbish iPads then there are certain standards that must be met. Here’s how to troubleshoot iPads when necessary before selling. Apple has made a […]
25th June 2020
Playstation 4 Dualshock Controller

Why has my PS4 stopped working? A Guide to repairing your PS4 at Home

  With some of our team being firm PS4 fans, we’re used to seeing an occasional unexpected power cut during play. Does this sound familiar? Well, […]
22nd January 2020
Can I repair my iPhone 11?

Can I Repair My iPhone 11 Smartphone?

If you are new to iPhone repair and have damaged your iPhone 11 or perhaps you are a technician looking to repair a customer’s device, you might […]
20th January 2020
iPhone X common problems and issues

Common iPhone X Problems and How to Solve them

Common iPhone X Problems and How to Solve Them Just because Apple is the number one company in the world doesn’t make them immune from some […]
2nd January 2020
damaged iphone x

iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max Screen Fitting Tips & Issues

Lately, we are seeing a lot of repairers and customers accidentally damage the flex cables and screens during the installation of our new iPhone X range […]
19th November 2019
iParts4U Battery

Will an aftermarket battery damage my iPhone?

Quite often we get asked by our customers if we supply original Apple batteries, so we decided to write up a small post addressing this. As […]
28th October 2019
3U Tools Dashboard

How to Identify and copy iPhone Screen data

At iParts4u we are always looking to help our customers with their repair experience, so with that in mind, we have written up this post to […]
3rd October 2018
Fitting an LCD

Connecting Flex Cables During Mobile & Tablet Repair

As most electronic devices can complete numerous tasks, there are equally numerous components which control these functions. Whilst the motherboard is like the brain of an […]