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Board Level Components

Board Level Electronic Components At iParts4U

Most phone and tablet repairs involve replacing cables or general parts such as a charge port or an LCD screen. Sometimes, however, more complex failures relate to the ICs that power the phone. When you are dealing with precise but complex faults you may find that a board level repair is required.

Board level repairs take a lot of skill and an understanding of the workings of the IC of that specific model of phone. We do not recommend that end-users attempt to perform board-level repairs themselves. If you are a qualified technician who would like to offer board level repairs to your users, then we have all the tools and components that you would need to complete the repair.

Samsung and Apple Components

Samsung and Apple phones are incredibly popular. We stock a selection of components for each of those manufacturers, allowing you to perform targetted repairs for the ICs of those devices. Our selection includes ICs, diodes, coils, BGA stencils, fuse and filters, stickers, insulation and more for the most popular devices.

If you are considering purchasing board level electronic components, be aware that many components are specific to one particular make or model of phone, so you should confirm the exact make of device you are working on before you purchase parts. This is particularly true for ICs and BGA stencils, which are designed for individual models.

Detailed and Skilled Repairs

Board-level repairs will often require soldering. We stock the parts, tools, components and accessories required to help you with this job. We recommend that repairs of this nature are performed in a clean and dust-free environment and that you do not embark on the repair unless you are confident that you can perform it correctly, have all of the required parts on hand, and are able to work uninterrupted in a place away from direct sunlight.

With the correct parts and diagnostic tools, most faulty phones can be repaired, and these ICs, stickers and components can help you to breathe a new lease of life into a broken phone. These are often an inexpensive way of repairing a device and can save your customers a lot of money in the long term.

If you would like to know more about our selection of ICs or are looking for specific components for a board level repair, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs and explain our stock to you.

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