Air 2 Charge Port

iPad Air 2 Charge Port Replacements Available

The iPad Air 2 is a great device but because it is a small and lightweight portable tablet it does have a couple of areas that are vulnerable to damage. Most notably, the screen and the charge port. The good news is that these are things that you can repair quite easily. Replacement charge ports for your iPad Air 2 can be found at great prices, here. We stock a large selection of spares for the iPad Air 2 and other iOS devices and when you consider the replacement charge port cost versus the cost of replacing the entire device, it makes a lot of sense to simply fit a new port. This job can be carried out quite quickly with the aid of very good video tutorials online and, increasingly, on our site. Check out our growing list of parts for this tablet computer here.

Air 2 Charge Port
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What Is Involved In a Charge Port Repair?

To complete a charge port repair you will need to have some soldering knowledge. If you are not confident in your ability to solder the replacement onto the device then we recommend that you enlist the help of someone who is or contact us for help and guidance if needed. If you do have soldering experience, however, then our low-cost charge port replacement options will help you to get the job done.  These parts will let you recharge your iPad just like the original, and the port is compatible with your standard charging cable.

Quality parts for Your Favourite device can be found in our inventory. The parts that we sell are aftermarket products and are not made by Apple. That said, we have carefully selected these parts for their quality and reliability as well as affordable prices. We are committed to offering only the best replacement parts to our users.

Before you order, please be sure to read the description of the part that you are looking at to ensure that it will be compatible with your model of the device. Feel free to contact us if you feel any guidance on choice and compatibility is needed. 

We recommend that you conduct any repairs in a clean, dry working space without direct sunlight because many parts of the iPad Air 2 are very sensitive to dust, liquids and heat. You will need special tools to disassemble and reassemble your device. We stock most tools, accessories and consumables that you will need to get the job done.

Further Air 2 Information

Note: Installing a replacement part yourself may void the warranty of your device, however, it may well be that by the time you encounter this problem your device will be out of warranty anyway. If your device is outside of its warranty period, then a self-repair is a good option for bringing your device back to life. It could save you a lot of money as well as time saved in dispatching and receiving your tablet back.

We offer affordable prices, a one year warranty on the parts that we sell, and same or next working day despatch as standard. This means that you can get great parts when you need them. If your iPad is damaged and you need to fix it up, why not take a look at our collection of parts, tools and accessories and place your order today!

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