iPad Mini 3 Charge Port

iPad Mini 3 Charge Port Replacements for Sale

The iPad Mini 3 is a versatile tablet PC that has some great features. However, because it is a small, portable device this means that it can be subject to some rough treatment, and the screen and charging ports can often get damaged. If your iPad Mini 3 charge ports become loose then the device might not recharge properly, rendering it near-useless. The good news is that if this happens you do not have to just throw the device away. You can get replacement parts to give your iPad a new lease of life. We have a range of replacement parts, including charge ports, screens and more. Whether you are looking for a Digitizer assembly, new batteries, or the tools required for a repair, we can help you. We take pride in offering the best parts at affordable prices. Look over our selection but get in touch if you can’t find what you need.

iPad Mini 3 Charge Port
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Do you have charging issues? Then this could be solved by replacing the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 ..

£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.46

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Do you have charging issues? Then this could be solved by replacing the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3 ..

£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.46

- +

Do You Sell Genuine Mini Parts?

iPad Mini 3 LCD replacements, charge ports and other parts that we stock are not made by Apple. These parts are third-party products that are intended for aftermarket repairs. This does not mean that you are sacrificing quality, however. We have carefully selected each of these products to ensure that they are the most reliable possible and that they are fully compatible with the model of tablet they are sold for. We know how important a tablet PC can be for a person, and that you won't want to be without yours for long. That's why we have picked these top quality, easy to install parts.

Our charge ports come with a one year warranty as standard, and we offer to dispatch the same day for parts ordered during the working week or next working day if not. We provide detailed compatibility information on our product pages, as well as information about soldering or other work that may be required. Many of our spares do require you to have some soldering ability. If you are not confident in your ability to do this then consider asking a trained technician to repair your phone for you.

What Are The Advantages Of A DIY Mini 3 Repair

Replacing a damaged charge port is a simple and affordable way to bring your iPad back to life. The part does not cost a lot, and even if you end up having to purchase the additional tools to complete the repair it will still usually cost less than buying a new device, and it will save you from having to re-download all your data from your Apple account as well. In addition, you're doing your bit to protect the environment by reducing electronic waste. It's the perfect solution to your device problems.

If you were in the market for an upgrade, it still makes sense to repair your old tablet. You can use it as a spare around the home, or give it to a child or family member. Why not order a replacement charge port or digitizer for your iPad Mini  3 from us today, and see why so many UK gadget lovers choose us for their tablet PC repair needs?

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