Due to the situation surrounding Covid-19, some services may be limited or delayed. More information can be found here.

Covid-19 Information

iParts4U Coronavirus Information


As you may know, the UK is currently facing difficulties throughout the country as the COVID-19 Coronavirus is putting a massive strain on businesses and communities alike.


iParts4U are remaining to operate as normal until further notice, and we're striving to continue our high standards when it comes to both employee and customer hygiene as well as ensuring all orders are handled in a disinfected environment to minimise any potential risk that may face customers and employees.


At iParts4U, we have started taking further action to decrease the chance of possible infection. Our customer service has started working remotely, allowing them to safeguard themselves from the virus, and allowing our warehouse team to take extra precautions. Due to remote working, phone support will be available but at a lower capacity, so we recommend that all customers use our live chat or email support instead.


iParts4U Services

As a result of the virus, our services may be affected. Please check our current service statuses below.

  • At this current time, our orders are AVAILABLE
  • At this current time, our deliveries are DELAYED
  • At this current time, our customer services are AVAILABLE
  • At this current time, our repair services are AVAILABLE
  • At this current time, our unlocking services are AVAILABLE
  • At this current time, our returns process is DELAYE


EU Orders

All orders to the EU are currently suspended due to European covid transit restrictions. Please note that any orders to the EU will still be processed as normal, however, they will be held by our couriers until these services are unrestricted.


Our Continued Support for Businesses

At iParts4U, we understand exactly how hard this pandemic can potentially hit businesses. The ongoing pressure facing businesses is something that as a community we must work to relieve.


We urge all businesses to encourage high standards when it comes to both the hygiene and support of their employees and their customers. As a business, we're currently liaising with our courier services to ensure that the utmost care is taken from our orders leaving us to arriving with our customers. If you're concerned regarding your delivery, it may be worth contacting your courier to request a "non-contact" delivery method.



One thing to remember during this time is to stay safe. Continue practising good hygiene, avoid unnecessary travel and avoid large gatherings when possible. If you or someone you live with feels symptomatic, the NHS website can offer advice and support to those who need it. More information can be found at the link below.


Visit the NHS Website


We feel it's important to remember that during times like this, we need to pull together as a community. At iParts4U, we will continue to offer our support to our customers, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with any queries or concerns you may have. We will continue to keep you posted on any further updates as they come.


Thank you.

Kindest Regards,

David Humphrey
iParts4U Director




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