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DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 5

DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 5

iPhone 5 repairs can be achieved quickly and with no screws going missing with this clever product. The DottorPod iScrews iPhone 5 screw holder is designed to keep every attachment safe while you are repairing an Apple handset. And with a full diagram of the phone included, it makes component replacement a dream.

Model Citizen
The iPhone 5 is a cleverly constructed smartphone, with its sleek exterior managing to mask the fact that there are a large number of screws sitting just beneath the surface. But if you have to take one apart, you will become all too familiar with this fact, as you will have to keep track of all the different screws, noting their positions and the parts of the phone for which they are intended.

This can become overwhelming, leaving you either with a pile of screws of various sizes which you are not entirely sure what to do with or, even worse, a screw that has gone missing and without which an iPhone 5 cannot be fully reassembled.

The DottorPod iScrews iPhone 5 screw holder is the ideal product for a professional repair person who is setting out to streamline the process of disassembling this Apple device and getting it back together again with minimal delay.

A Place for Everything
The concept behind this product is simple, but the help that it delivers is significant. Basically, it features a diagram of the iPhone 5's insides, with holes for all of the screws which are present within.

As you remove screws, all you need to do is place them in the corresponding hole on the iScrews board, where they can remain until you need to put them back in again.

Because the diagram is detailed, you will always know exactly which screw is supposed to go with which component, eliminating the chance of a mix-up occurring. And perhaps even more importantly, this product will mean that screws are much harder to lose, since they are being held in place.

The only thing you need to know about this product is that it includes the diagram for an iPhone 5 handset - not any of Apple's other mobiles. As such, you will only get a truly accurate picture of where the screws are supposed to go if you use it with the right device.

Ultimate Efficiency
The DottorPod iScrews iPhone 5 screw holder is best suited to people who are going to be repairing a number of Apple handsets of this kind as part of their professional life. But it is affordable enough that you might also consider purchasing it for any one-off repairs you are carrying out at home, as long as you take on board the risks involved with disassembling and attempting to replace any components of this device.

DottorPod is an Italian company with a lot of experience in making excellent iPhone repair accessories, and this product is an efficient and essential part of any toolkit for professionals and novices alike who want to raise their iPhone repair skills to a new level.

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