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DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 5C

DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 5C

With the DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram for the iPhone 5C, you can make handset repair much more efficient. It keeps all the screws in one place and also shows you where they need to return to on the iPhone 5C. For expert repairers and newcomers alike, it can be the best tool to use if you want to avoid losing screws.

Tray Troubles
When repairing an iPhone 5C, there are many ways in which the screws within it can become a problem. Even if you manage to remove them without doing damage, the task you then face is keeping them in one place.

Leaving them loose on the side will usually result in them being knocked off at some point, after which time they will be very hard to find. So many technicians put them into a tray or other container for safe-keeping.

This is an imperfect solution, because in a tray the screws will become intermingled with one another, and it can be very difficult to put them back in the correct order and the correct places. This is where the DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram for the iPhone 5C comes into its own.

This tool is very much like a standard tray in that it is intended to keep screws together. But it stands out thanks to the fact that there are individual compartments for each and every screw used in the iPhone 5C, as well as an overlaid diagram.

Diagram Help
Because the iScrews combines both a screw tray and diagram, you get the best of both worlds. Rather than having to find a separate diagram to try to work out where screws need to be affixed within an iPhone 5C, with this tool the information is available at a glance.

This is a product that will not only be important when reassembling an iPhone 5C, but can also make the process of disassembling the device all the easier and less vexing.

Rather than spending your time worrying about whether the screws are in the correct slots or on your hands and knees looking for missing ones, you can use the iScrews from DottorPod and get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Evaluating Efficiency
It is difficult to measure just how much more efficient the iScrews can make the process of repairing an iPhone 5C. But it is definitely affordable enough to be a good investment for professional repairers as well as those who are going to be doing a little light work on their device at home.

The tray and overlaid diagram are specific to the iPhone 5C, so if you are repairing more than one type of iPhone, then you should investigate the rest of the iScrews range from DottorPod as well as this model. It's built to last and can make iPhone repair a breeze, so buying this item is sensible for a wide range of customers and will be a great new addition to any expanding mobile repair tool kit.

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