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DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 6S

DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram - iPhone 6S

When making repairs, take advantage of the DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram for the iPhone 6S so that no loose screws get mislaid. The diagram prevents these important small parts rolling off the table and into oblivion. So for fast and effective iPhone 6s repairs, this is the tool that will make your day.

Directions for Success
Repairing an iPhone 6S can involve a number of steps, and things get all the more complex if you are not keeping track of where all of the screws end up. Removing screws to replace parts and access damaged components need not be stressful if you invest in the DottorPod iScrews screw holder and diagram, which is an all-in-one solution to your repair woes.

As well as featuring a clear diagram of the handset itself, along with all of the locations for the screws that are featured within, this also acts as a template within which the screws can be housed while you are repairing the phone.

The different sizes of the screw heads themselves are accounted for by the apertures in this tool, and so it is easy to put the right one in the right place. Then when the time comes to replace them, you can go ahead and reassemble the iPhone 6S without any drama.

Loosen Up
Having loose screws rolling around on a table top or other surface is problematic when repairing an iPhone. And even if you put them all together in a standard container, they will become jumbled up and harder to separate when replacing them in the device.

The iScrews screw holder from DottorPod is the best product to keep to hand if you are going to be repairing an iPhone 6 and want to make sure that neither of these eventualities comes to pass.

As well as being suitable for use by professionals, the simple concept of this product makes it similarly appropriate for amateurs who are fixing their own iPhone at home. It is inexpensive and yet indispensable if you do not want to spend hours on your hands and knees looking for a screw that is missing in action.

No Worries
The iPhone 6S is packed with important components that require screws to affix them properly. There are even screws holding the two halves of the device together which need to be looked after so that it can be restored to working order.

This particular iScrews tool comes with the diagram of an iPhone 6S, and so you should use it with this Apple model if repairs are required. There are other iScrew variants which are equipped with diagrams of other Apple devices, so professionals may want to invest in several to make sure they can get through customers’ orders quickly and with greater accuracy.

This sturdy tool is built to last and comes from a company that has become popular with the iPhone repair community in recent years thanks to the quality and cost-effectiveness of its various well-made tools and products.

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