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The iPhone 5C was originally released in 2013. Because of this, you might be dealing with various issues associated with the phone that needs to be repaired including the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen or even it's non-removable Li-Po 1510 mAh battery. Regardless of the issues with your phone, you should be aiming to save money on your repairs. The best way to save money on your iPhone 5C mobile repairs is by forgoing official Apple channels when out of warranty.

Why You Should Choose A Third-Party Repair Service Instead

When you are dealing with any kind of issue with your iPhone 5C while out of warranty, it is almost always a better idea to go through third-party professional repair service like us. Doing so will end up saving you a lot of money on your repairs. Even more, you will be able to get your repair handled professionally in a much shorter time frame, especially with one of our local repair partners near you. Being able to get your phone back up and running in a shorter time period can get you back to using your phone quicker.

Here are the most common iPhone 5 queries that we see;

How Do I Fix A Frozen iPhone 5C?

If your phone is frozen and it is not responding to physical button presses, you will need to force a hardware restart. Simply press and hold down the home button while you are pressing and holding the wake button until the phone restarts. If the phone does not respond, you will want to turn to professional servicing like ours.

Can You Replace The Home Button?

You can replace the home button on the iPhone 5C and the repair process is simple for our trained repair staff or local partners.

If you are dealing with any sort of malfunction with your iPhone 5C, we can help. We offer a send-in service where you would mail in your problem smartphone to us for repair. Alternatively, we partner with local repair providers across the UK that meet our high standards of quality and cost. If there is a partner near your area you will be able to drop the phone in, confident that iParts4U have ensured the local repairer meets the highest standards.

Battery Issues

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a physically damaged battery or a battery that is not functioning properly, you will be able to get it replaced by us with a brand new battery. By replacing your battery, it can restore your phone back to functioning like-new. This can help you get even more life out of your previously ageing phone. Batteries are simply not designed to last forever and with iPhone's having non-removable batteries, they hope you would replace it with a brand new phone. Instead, you can save a lot of money by replacing the battery and by continuing to use the excellent iPhone 5C.

Broken Screen

We carry our phone with us seemingly all of the time. Because of this, it is bound to fall at some point. Whether you have a case on your phone or not, it could suffer a crack or it could fracture at any point. If you are looking to repair a broken screen, you are in luck. The iPhone 5C's screen and digitizer can be completely replaced if damaged.

Immersive or other water damage

If your 5C takes on water then you have a major issue. Our trained technicians can help you return your smartphone to full working order.

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