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Experienced Repair Services For An Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus was launched alongside the iPhone 7 in 2016. The 7 Plus has a larger screen, an improved camera, and a few extra features that make it worth the increased price tag. This generation of Apple smartphones was the first to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack and rely entirely on wireless audio. Most of the internal hardware was upgraded from the previous version. That includes a quad-core processor and increased internal storage.

Why Use A 3rd-party Repair Provider Like Us?

The 7 Plus remains one of the best devices on the market despite its ageing technology. As time passes, official repairs from Apple are becoming more expensive. Chances are, warranties are coming to an end as well, which further increases the price of repairs. You can choose to save money on repairs by using a third-party repair service instead of the official Apple repair company. Our send-in UK service or partner local repair shops can tackle all of the same problems, including:

  • Broken screen issues
  • Permanently dead battery problems
  • All Levels Of Water damage
  • No or poor audio and microphone performance

These are the types of problems that smartphone repair companies like us have been tackling for years. Broken screens are often the result of a fall. They require completely replacing the damaged display. Water damage can harm multiple components, which will all need to be replaced. Replacing the battery or the speakers are both much easier tasks that can often be finished within the same day.

There are a lot of iPhone 7 Plus devices in circulation and a lot of people have accidentally damaged their device. Here are some of the questions that those people have asked about repairing these cell phones.

How Long Will An iPhone 7 Plus Repair Take?

That depends entirely on the damage and whether or not you use a local partner repair shop. Many common problems can be repaired within 1-to-3 days at a local shop. However, it could take longer if they need to order replacement parts. Mailing the device to a manufacturer repair service and waiting for it to be returned could take more than a month. We also offer a send-in by mail service that is much quicker.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A 7 Plus Screen?

Apple is currently charging a sizeable cost for a replacement screen for this model. The manufacturer repair service will charge you this amount plus additional fees. Local partner repair shops of ours that do not source their components from the manufacturer will have more affordable solutions. Our send-in service will also generally provide cost savings.

Can A faulty Or Dead 7 Plus Battery Be Replaced?

A repair company like us or our partners can remove and replace a damaged iPhone 7 Plus battery. If your battery no longer holds a charge for long periods of time, then it may need to be replaced. This happens naturally over the lifespan of the device and many users will encounter the problem eventually if their phone is not replaced.

We are experts in repairing Apple iPhone devices like the 7 Plus, as are our local repairers near you. If you book a repair with us you can either send on your device by mail to our own repair section or drop in your smartphone at a selected local repair partner. Either way, the cost and time saving should be quite attractive along with the quality of the repair.