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Do you need your iPhone repaired? Then look no further as iParts4U offers a number of repairs for the entire series. We offer anything from iPhone 5 Charge Port repairs to iPhone XS Max Screen repairs. Select your device using the menu below.

iPhone repairs are one of the most popular mobile phone repairs in the UK. This is mostly down to Apple phones being the most popular devices in the UK.


Common Repairs

A Few Facts

In 2017 Apple held a 37% market share, which is pretty huge – that is 7.5 million iPhones sold in 2017 and up until the end of 2017 there were over 38 million devices in the UK.  No wonder the odds are that many of these mobiles will need repair and since these were all bought prior to 2018 most of them will be out of warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

1What do you do with your iPhone when it's stopped working?
Well, you could take the phone to Apple for an out of warranty repair, the costs of which are set out below:

iPhone XS Max  £596.44
iPhone XS  £546.44
iPhone X  £546.44
iPhone XR £396.44
iPhone 8 Plus £396.44
iPhone 8 £346.44
iPhone 7 Plus £346.44
iPhone 7 £316.44
iPhone 6S Plus £326.44
iPhone 6 Plus £326.44
iPhone 6S £297.44
iPhone 6 £297.44
iPhone SE £266.44

But most customers will find these prices far too high, as when your iPhone stops working it's not something you plan for and it's not something everyone can afford.  That's really where we come in, we offer quality iPhone repair with a realistic price tag for everyday customers. All you need to do is click on the model above to find out the prices of our affordable repair services.

2How can I send my iPhone in for repair?
Follow our simple process to book your iPhone in for repair.  Just click the “book now” button on the service you require, make your payment and once this has been completed you will receive an automatic email with full instructions on how to send your iPhone to us. Once you've sent your phone and we've received it, we will get to work on your device and have it returned within 1-2 days so you can do what you do best and love your iPhone once more.

3What if I have smashed my iPhone screen?
iParts4u only fit the best aftermarket replacement screens which are on a par with your original screen.  What's more, we warrant the screen for 2 whole years – that's 1 more year than you would get going to Apple for a screen repair. Why do we do this?  Because we believe that we have the best products and we trust our screen replacements to last as long as your phone should.

And if that wasn't enough, our prices are far fairer than Apple's screen repair prices – this is because we believe that every customer should be able to experience an affordable iPhone screen repair.

4Can you replace my iPhone battery?
Of course, we replace and supply thousands of batteries each year for iPhones which have simply run out of battery life. This is almost expected because the average lifespan of an iPhone Lithium ION battery is around 18 to 24 months, or 500 battery cycles. Not only do we fit a brand new CE and RoHS certified battery to your device, but we also do it at a fraction of the cost of Apple.  Under Apple's battery service, they charge £45.00 and we charge just £30.00, so that's a 33% saving compared to directly going to Apple. We will also provide a 12 month warranty on this repair to give you peace of mind.

5My phone has stopped charging, can you fix this?
Absolutely, we can resolve all manner of charging issues on an iPhone, from charge port replacements to charging ICs and charging circuits – just book your iPhone in with us and we will get your synching issues fixed.

Handy tip: 9 out of 10 charging issues are related to the charge port filling up with dust and lint and this lint overtime gets compressed into the bottom of the port, which stops the USB cable from clicking into position correctly.  This is something which can be repaired at home, if done with care – all you need is a non-conductive tool, such as a plastic toothpick, to remove the debris from the bottom of the port, being careful not to damage the pins at the bottom.  If you think this is something you can do why not give it go? If this still doesn't resolve the issue or you don't feel confident in this home remedy then why not send the mobile to us and we will professionally clean your socket and return it to you.

Trust us to repair your iPhone at a price which is affordable

At iParts4U we believe in giving the best customer service there is in the mobile phone repair industry and with a large network of repairers throughout the UK we believe we can resolve almost any issue on your iPhone. Keep loving your phone at a price that a regular consumer can afford by repairing your iPhone with iPartsU.