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Apple's iPhone SE features a classic aluminium body along with a glass front. The glass on the front is an IPS LCD touchscreen. It also features a non-removable Li-Po 1624 mAh battery. It is a phone specifically targeted to those that want a smaller iPhone measuring in at 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and weighing in at 113 grams.

Why You Should Seek Out A Third-Party Repair Service:

Dealing with iPhone repair can be a major hassle. What's even worse, it can be very costly. Unless you are within the warranty deadline, you are looking at a very expensive repair for even something as simple as a battery replacement. Because of this, you should be considering shopping for your repair through a third-party repair service to minimise cost. We will not only offer the same expert servicing, but we will be able to do so at a much-reduced price. A third-party repair service like ours is going to be willing and able to offer parts and labour at a much more affordable price point.

Typical Repairs Owners Bring To Us;

iPhone SE with a broken Screen.

Dealing with a broken screen can be frustrating. After all, you spend your entire day looking at your phone's screen. No one wants to have to constantly look at a cracked or otherwise broken screen. At the same time, it can be very expensive. Getting your broken screen repaired can cost a significant amount of money and depend on how long you've had your phone, you might not be looking to spend so much on a repair. Luckily, you can get your phone's screen repaired at a much cheaper price point through a third-party service like ours or a local partner of ours near you.

Dead or failing battery Replacement

Is your battery showing signs of slowing down? Is your phone failing to hold a charge? These are some of the common signs that you will require a battery replacement. You can breathe new life back into your iPhone SE with a full test and battery replacement through us.

We often get asked common questions like this about the iPhone SE;

Is An SE Screen Replacement Difficult?

Replacing an iPhone SE's display is considered a moderate repair and the existing home button must be transferred to the newer front assembly to keep TouchID functionality working. We carry out such work routinely and so do our local partners so you can be confident we'll fix your problem.

Can The Home Button Be Repaired If broken or Not Working?

The iPhone SE features a physical home button that can fail after repeated clicks. Because of the way iOS is designed around the physical home button, if this button fails, you are out of luck. However, the button assembly can be successfully replaced. That being said, your TouchID functionality will no longer remain if you do replace this button. It will simply function as a home button press due to the original home button having the appropriate authentication needed for TouchID. You can ask us more about this if you are considering sending in your smartphone for repair.

Consider us for your repairs if you are having trouble with your SE cellphone. We offer a high-quality send-in that can save you money on parts and labour. Alternatively, if sending in your phone doesn't work for you, it's very likely one of our local repair partners in your area can help. Our partners work to the same cost and quality guidelines we ourselves use as you can be sure of the highest quality local repair.

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