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Repair Services For The iPhone X

The iPhone X hit shelves in 2017 and was quickly regarded as the most impressive smartphone on the market at the time. It was released to coincide with the tenth anniversary of Steve Job's first smartphone. The phone was intended to display emerging technologies that Apple believed would be commonplace in phones of the future. It's been some time since the X was released and it's safe to say that Apple was correct. This smartphone is still an incredible device and the cutting edge technology it used has become more common in today's smartphones.

Why Use A Non-Manufacturer Repair Company?

For many customers, the warranty period on their iPhone X has passed. That means repairs are no longer covered by the manufacturer. If the screen is damaged, then they need to pay out of pocket. The choice is whether or not they use the manufacturer repair service or a third-party repair service such as ours. The manufacturer solution may seem ideal, but it is typically much more expensive and time-consuming. It also means you'll have to mail your phone away and could wait weeks for it to return.

The iPhone X is not without its flaws. Customers have reported that the face ID can fail to work as well as other important components like the speakers and the wireless charging port. Here are a few problems this phone suffers that repair services like ours can easily fix.

  • Cracked screen
  • Non-responsive charging port
  • No audio from speakers
  • Broken camera
  • Water damage from accidental immersion

Each of these problems has been encountered by an iPhone X user somewhere at some point. Cracked screens and non-responsive charging parts are easily the most common of these problems. The speakers on this model may occasionally suffer damage from impact or water. The damage may not be visible on the outside, but it can be isolated and repaired by a professional, be that a national repairer or a local repair shop.

Here are some questions that customers have regarding iPhone X repairs.

Is It Possible To Replace An iPhone X Screen?

It's entirely possible to remove and replace a damaged screen. It's one of the many tasks that repair technicians are trained to perform. Either through our send-in service or through one of our local partners near you, your screen can be fixed.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An iPhone X Screen?

Some customers have reported very steep price tags for this repair when using the manufacturer service. However, that price can be lowered significantly by using a local 3rd-party repairer like us or one of our repair partners near you.

Can An iPhone X Charging Port Be Repaired?

Yes. A professional repair technician can replace your damaged charging port with a fully working component. It is a relatively fast and cost-effective service.

At iParts4U we offer two high quality, cost-effective repair options. The first allows you to send in your faulty device with a description of your issue by mail to our national repair centre. We have expert technicians waiting to fix your mobile and can turn around repairs in a much shorter time than a typical manufacturer fix. The second option is to use one of our local repair partners in your area. This gives you the option of being able to drop in your faulty phone and even speak to the technicians directly about your issue. In either case, you can be confident that the quality of repairs will be first-class and attractively priced.