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Apple iPhone XR Third-Party Repair Services

The iPhone XR was officially announced on September 2018 and then hit shelves one month later. It has an impressive 6.1-inch LCD with liquid retina technology. The LCD technology used in the XR is considered to be the best on the market. Customers have left many positive reviews regarding the phone's single rear camera. It seemed like a bold choice when the other X line models had dual rear cameras, but the gamble paid off. The XR was immediately the top phone on the market after launch and it's easy to see why.

Choosing A Non-Manufacturer Repair Option

Caring for an iPhone XR can be a serious task. One accidental drop and the screen could be permanently damaged. Manufacturer repair services could well charge hundreds of pounds to replace the screen with a factory component. You can reduce the stress and lower the cost by choosing to use a local third-party repair company like us instead of the manufacturers 'official' services. Our replacement components come from different sources and that translates to a lot of money saved. Whether sending us your faulty or broken XR or dropping it into one of our local partners in your area, the benefits will be there.

What kind of repairs can a 3rd-party repair company handle?

  • Water damage
  • Broken screen repair or replacement
  • Cracked casing or frame
  • Lost, broken or stuck XR buttons

Most of these problems are the result of accidental damage. Dropping an iPhone XR can easily crack the screen or the casing. Water damage always seems to happen at the worst times; whether it's in the kitchen or the bathroom. Unfortunately, the original warranty does not cover these types of accidental damage. The cost of repairs comes out of pocket and it's expensive if you choose to use the manufacturer.

Here are some questions and answers regarding iPhone XR mobile repairs that we're asked;

Does the iPhone XR have A Glass Back?

Yes. The XR and the XS feature a glass back casing. This glass can be easily cracked or broken if the phone falls onto a hard surface. The cost of replacing the back panel can be more expensive than replacing the screen.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair An iPhone XR Screen?

Damage involving the screen can cost more than many hundreds of pounds with additional service fees to fix if using the manufacturer repair service. That price can be cut down a great deal if you use a repair service such as ours instead. It also means there are fewer hidden fees and less waiting time.

Can You Replace An iPhone XR Battery?

Yes. As an experienced mobile phone repair service, we or a local partner can quickly and easily replace a damaged battery. We routinely have replacement batteries in stock for the latest devices like the XR.

iParts4U is an experienced, UK wide repair company with particular expertise in the repair of iPhones. We can offer to repair options to suit most circumstances. You can, if you wish, mail-in your faulty or damaged iPhone XR  smartphone to us and take advantage of our send-in repair service at our main centre. Although mailing in is involved, our turnaround time is extremely efficient and by far better than a manufacturer service. Our technicians will fix your problem and get your phone back to you in the quickest time possible. Alternatively, we work with local repair shop partners that meet our quality and pricing standards. It's very likely that one of our partners will be near you or in your general area. This route to a repair offers a chance to drop in your phone to the partner's premises and often be able to speak directly to the technicians who will work on your phone.