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Mobile Phone Repair Services For The iPhone XS

The iPhone XS marks the twelfth generation of Apple iPhone devices. It was released in September of 2018 and was preceded by the X version. It was accompanied by the larger and more expensive iPhone XS Max. The design of the XS is very similar to the previous generation. The major upgrades involved the internal hardware, the cameras, and the screen. The XS has a 5.85 inch OLED display, a 7-megapixel camera on the front and two 12-megapixel cameras on the rear of the device.

The Non-Manufacturer Repair Service Advantage

Any single component of the iPhone XS can be damaged over time. But if your screen, speakers, or batteries fail to work you shouldn't feel pressured to use the manufacturers 'official' repair services. Not only are these manufacturer services more expensive than third-party repair companies like us but they also take much longer to get the job done. Once your warranty has passed you should rely on a local repair company like our partners or a 3rd-party send-in service like ours to keep your XS in working condition.

There are a few problems that iPhone XS users may experience. Many users report activation problems involving the SIM card. Other problems are hardware related and may have been caused by accidental damage. A few hardware-related problems that can be repaired include;

iPhone XS Common Problems

  • Cracked phone screen
  • The phone won't power on
  • Charging port not detecting the charger
  • Speakers won't play audio

If you've owned a phone for more than a year, then may have run into at least one of these problems. Speaker damage is often a symptom of dust or water damage. Charging ports experience natural wear and tear from repetitive use. And when a phone refuses to power on it's often because the battery is officially dead. A professional repair technician such as ours or a local partner's can replace each of these damaged components in a short period of time.

Customers frequently asked questions about repairs to this model;

Will The Manufacturer Fix The iPhone XS For Free?

Only certain repairs are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Accidental damage is typically not covered. That means if you accidentally crack your screen you will have to pay quite a lot to fix it with the 'official' manufacturer repair service.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An XS Screen?

A standard replacement screen could well be more than 300 pounds from the manufacturer. There are also premiums and additional charges added to take the price higher still. A third-party repair service will normally charge a significantly lower price for the screen itself.

Our popular and attractively priced repair service offers two option. Firstly, you can use our send-in service. In this case, you would mail in your iPhone XS to our national repair centre where one of our experts can carry out your repair and return your smartphone in double-quick time. Alternatively, we work with a number of local partners across the UK who can provide a comparable service with a drop-in option and chance to speak directly to technicians.