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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repair Service

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a powerful phone with a dual-curve glass display. It offers fast, smooth performance, and it’s an affordable device too, making it a popular choice with those who want performance and style on a budget.

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Can you repair my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?


This Samsung phone is durable and reliable, but like any mobile device the screen can sometimes suffer damage, and you may experience charging issues too. Samsung's warranty is good, however, once the phone is out of warranty it can be expensive and inconvenient to send it off to a Samsung repair centre.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Repairs

  • Cracks or Damage to the Screen
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Charge Port Issues
  • Broken Buttons
  • Poor Audio
  • Damaged Microphone
  • Water Damage


The curved screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge means that do it yourself screen replacement isn't a good idea, but one of our local repair partners near you or ourselves can do it for you. Replacing the battery can breathe a new lease of life into the phone, and other common issues can be fixed too.

Can A Damaged S6 Edge Screen Be Repaired

The curved glass display of the Galaxy S6 Edge is tricky to replace, and it is not covered under warranty, but it is something that a specialist repair centre can do for you. The curvature of the screen means that it is a skilled job, and not something you should do at home, even if you have replaced other phone screens at home before.

Can You Replace a Bad Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Battery

The S6 Edge battery is easy to replace, and most good phone repair centres will do the replacement for you in just one day. This is an affordable replacement that will improve the battery life and potentially the performance of your phone.

Can a Water Damaged S6 Edge Be Fixed?

Water damage to the S6 Edge is something that can cause unusual phone behaviour and general issues. If your S6 Edge is water damaged, then you should send it off to a qualified phone repair centre. Do not try to trade in a phone that has gotten very wet, because the liquid damage indicator will show that water damage has occurred, and reputable sales centres will not take phones with such damage.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a good phone, and we can help you to get a long useful life out of it. We offer quality repairs, in your local area or by sending directly to ourselves, using selected components at a great cost price.