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When you get your Samsung Galaxy S6 repaired with iParts4U, you can guarantee that your device will be repaired using only new, genuine parts straight from Samsung.

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The Samsung S6 is one of Samsung's best phones. It features a Super AMOLED screen at 1440p resolution. Along with this, it featured a non-removable but fast-charging battery.


The most common Repairs that we encounter or are often asked about include:

Samsung S6 Broken Screen Problems

This is perhaps the most common repair that you might be dealing with. Luckily, getting your screen fixed is easier than ever before and you will be able to get it replaced by a nearby local repair centre for a much cheaper price than sending it directly to Samsung.

S6 Battery Issues

Another common problem that you are likely to run into at some point due to the phone featuring a non-removable battery is a dead battery or battery/charging issues. Luckily, you will be able to head over to a local repair centre and get the battery swapped out for a new one.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Water Damage Repairs And Cost

This really is one of the most common issues phone owners face and an extremely regular question we are asked. The answer is going to vary depending on specific circumstances but the phone might be salvageable if it has experienced water damage. The cost will vary accordingly but we offer a very competitively priced service for this type of problem.

These are only a few of the many types of Galaxy S6 fault or replacement need that we can fix for you. Other problem areas include;

Samsung Galaxy S6 Repairs

  • Cracks or damage to touch displays
  • Degraded audio or poor microphone performance
  • Charge port replacements or repairs
  • Broken or poorly working buttons


As a 3rd-party repair service, we operate UK-wide through our send-in service or in partnership with local repairers who meet our high standards of quality, reliability and cost. Whatever path you choose, you can be confident of the highest quality repairs for your Samsung S6 cellphone.


Good Reasons To Use A 3rd-Party Samsung Repairer:

If you notice that your smartphone is in need of repair, you will be concerned that you may need to replace the entire phone. However, this is often not the case and a broad range of repairs and fixes are possible for these phones. So why use a 3rd-party repair service such as ours?

Cost Savings

Getting your mobile repaired locally in your area or by ourselves rather than through official Samsung channels is one of the best ways to really save money on the entire repair process. Going directly through Samsung when you are out of warranty is going to cost a large sum of money depending on the repair. When you submit a repair through ourselves you can rest assured that we offer competitive pricing for your repair are a more attractive price. The price savings alone make it the better way to go about handling your repair.

Faster Servicing

Another reason it is much better to find a 3rd-party service is the faster servicing that you will be normally able to experience. Because you are often able to get the issues handled by professionals locally, you will be able to get your Samsung S6 repaired in a much shorter time frame. This ensures you aren't without your phone for an extended period. There is a good chance that if you had to send it into an official repair centre, you would have to ship the phone to the repair centre, wait for the phone to get repaired, and then have it shipped back. Delays are common practice with such services in many cases. Not only will you experience a significant delay, but a lot of things can go wrong throughout the shipment process.

Ask Questions

When you get your repair handled ourselves or by a local professional partner near you, you will be able to ask any questions that you might have about your phone, the repair process, and more. This can allow you to make better, a well-informed decision regarding whether you should get it repaired or if you should buy a brand new phone.