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Gaming Replacement Parts

Replacement Game Console Parts For Sale – Xbox, Playstation and more

Since the mid-1970s, home console technology has evolved and today's market offers video game devices such as Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360, Sony's Playstation 3 and PS4 family, and Nintendo’s host of family gaming systems such as the Wii, DS, 3DS and more recently the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. Whether console, microconsole or handheld, this technology has delivered high-quality, stand-alone and online gaming experiences for the general public at an affordable price. With these impressive technologies and their ever-expanding capabilities, it goes without saying that these devices get major sustained and heavy usage. As a result of which, over time faults can develop and repairs may be necessary. We offer a range of game console parts and products for major market brands at attractive prices.

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Please be patient as we build our stock for all of your favourite consoles.
If there’s anything specific you’re looking for, feel free to contact us!


Repair Broken Systems And Controllers With Affordable Spares 

Can today's home entertainment consoles be fixed? Yes, they can, though the type of fix possible can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and fault type. If in doubt, contact our customer service centre technicians for advice. Whether the main unit itself or one of the peripherals such as controller, repairs can definitely be done. These can be relatively minor fixes or involve disassembly of the gaming unit or controller etc. The levels of technical knowledge skill involved therefore vary and if you are considering a project and are unsure, our expert team can advise. However, if your device is showing signs of an issue it is well worth considering repair options rather than purchasing a completely new system with the costs involved.  

We are a UK and global supplier and are currently building our range of spares for the most popular system model types, peripherals and accessories. Browse through our growing range of replacements which include; 

LCD touch display screen replacements for hand-helds
Replacement joystick/analogue stick modules
Replacement controller parts
Silicone rubber pads
Triggers and buttons
Power supply adapters
DVD drive assemblies
HDMI port replacements
Laser disk reader replacements
Charging ports
Cooling fans 

and more...

Popular Game Console Repair Questions We See

Customers frequently ask us questions about repairing gaming systems either at home or as part of a professional repair business. The most common questions we see are listed below with answers.

Are Your Console Parts Genuine Or 3rd Party?

Our items are a best of breed mix of OEM refurbishments and premium aftermarket replacements. All of our parts have been thoroughly quality checked. If you’d like to know more about our refurbished parts, please click here.

Can I Buy Gaming Components Wholesale From You?

Yes, if you sign up as a trade customer, we can offer trade discounts. 

Are Specialist Tools Needed To Fix A Home Games System?

There are no specialist tools required for most console and controller repairs. However, you will need access to many different types of screws of which we sell various screwdriver kits for. Give us a call if you need help in choosing the right screwdriver for your repair.

Can A Faulty Game Controller Be Repaired? 

Yes. it certainly can and we stock many repair items to bring your controller back to life. If you need any help please don’t hesitate to ask. 

Why Buy Console Spares From Us?

We supply both retail and professional repair customers with single units and wholesale supplies (contact us to discuss our wholesale facilities). Our service includes

FREE shipping to the UK mainland
0% VAT for overseas orders 
Our Price Match Promise means we won't be undercut on price if you find the same part cheaper on a like-for-like basis
3 Month Warranty on all refurbished parts 
1 Year Warranty available on all aftermarket parts
30-day no hassle returns policy
Same day despatch on all orders placed before 4 pm.
Technical advice and support where needed

Can I Buy Console Parts Wholesale?

Yes, we are happy to offer video game console parts to wholesale customers. Why not browse our catalogue then contact us to discuss your wholesale needs.

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