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Google Batteries

Genuine Google Batteries from iParts4U

Google Battery Replacement

Google Battery Replacements

Genuine Google Battery replacements from iParts4u.


Google Batteries

How Can New Google Batteries Help?

You don’t have to look for another phone if your Google Pixel‘s battery has issues as we can provide replacements at affordable prices. Launched in October 2016, Google pixel is an android phone targeted for the high-end market. Its specifications are similar to other high-end market phones. Several models are currently available in the Pixel range.

The replacement of the phone’s 2770mAH non-removable power cell often needs professional help as you can end up damaging the phone However if your skills are well-developed and you have the right tools you can do it yourself. 

Benefits of Replacement Batteries

There are a lot of mobile phone battery replacements available We source genuine manufacturer batteries to ensure that our customers gain all the benefits of a good replacement. Some of these benefits include:

  • A replacement battery will save you from buying a new phone. The phone charge will be as good as new after replacement.
  • Replacement batteries give users an option to choose the latest tech if they want the new power cell to serve them for a longer time.

Most of our replacements for Google Pixel models have a lithium polymer battery cell technology and a capacity of 2700 mAh— just like the original Google phone batteries.

We currently stock google;

Google Pixel 2 battery replacements

Google Pixel 2 XL battery replacements

Google Pixel XL battery replacements

We will be adding new products for new models as they become available…….

Questions we’re often asked about these products;

Can Google Pixel Batteries Be Replaced?

Yes. You can replace the battery in your Google Pixel phone but it is advisable to use professional help such ours via our send-in service. All Google Pixel phones have a non-removable battery, meaning you have to open the cover to remove the old unit and replace it with the new battery. Repairs can be done by skilled and experienced users at home, though be aware that some end up breaking some parts in the process – due to lack of skills and experience.

Why is my Google Phone Battery Draining So Fast?

A phone battery can be draining fast due to a variety of reasons, for example, regular use of resource-intensive apps, if you are doing power-draining activities and when apps are staying busy in the background, then expect a drain. If you have scrutinised your phone usage habits and you are still experiencing the problem, then the issue could be the battery itself. Most have a life-cycle that depends on the number of recharges.

Which App Drains My Google Pixel Battery The Most?

Some of the top battery-draining apps include Google Maps and Mobile games. Make sure that you close them when you don’t need them and avoid over-using them if you don’t have a nearby power source.

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