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Google Pixel 3A Parts, Screens, Batteries

We are building our stock of replacement parts, screens and batteries for this popular pixel model.

Google Pixel 3a
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Warranty: 30 Days Manufacturer: Google Manufacturer Part Number: 20GS4BW..

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Manufacturer:  Google Warranty: 30 Day Manufacturer Warranty Manufacturer Part ..

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Google's foray into great-looking smartphones continues with the model 3A and 3A XL which have received creditable reviews. Focusing on the Pixel 3A, this version boasts the Snapdragon 670 chip and Active Edge technology. Camera features are favourably catered for with a 12.2 Mpixel rear camera complemented by an 8 Mpixel front camera unit. This slimmed-down model 3 is not as fully featured as the Google 3 main model but is poplar given its pricing point in the UK.

Damage To The Pixel 3A Handset

Like all mobile devices, the 3A is vulnerable to shock and impact damage or dropping on a hard surface. The screen may be scratched or shatter in the worst case, requiring a Pixel 3A screen replacement. Continual use of the phone's sockets and charging port for plugging in and out can result in early damage or faults. However, many of the common issues with the Pixel 3A can be resolved through replacements. We are currently expanding our range so check with us if you can't find the replacement part you need. Our inventory currently includes;

  • Pixel 3A Screen Replacement – Glass LCD Touch Display

And more as our range grows......

Customers often ask us about repairs to the 3A smartphone model. Our answers to the most common questions are here

Can A Google Pixel 3A LCD Screen Display be Replaced?

Yes it can. That said, we wouldn't advise a novice to undertake this Google Pixel 3A repair due to the number of internal thin cables and circuitry being fragile and susceptible to damage. Ask us if you are unsure whether you haave the skills.

Is the 3A Battery Replaceable?

Yes. The internal battery unit on the 3A can be replaced but the process does involve some fragile parts so care must be taken. You may also benefit from using certain tools in the changeover so contact us for advice if required.

How Do I Replace The Google LCD Screen On The Pixel 3?

This is considered a moderately difficult repair involving some fragile parts so a good web tutorial is recommended before attempting this fix. Consult us for guidance if needed.


If you are unsure of the skills, tools or parts required, why not contact us for advice from our technical service team.

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