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gTool iCorner 5, 5S SideWall Tool Head GH1204

-42% gTool iCorner 5, 5S SideWall Tool Head GH1204

Make your out-of-shape mobile fit as a fiddle with the Gtool iCorner 5 5S SideWall Tool Head. This attachment is compatible with the standard iCorner, but rather than repairing the vertices it is designed to straighten up the edges of the frame. So if an iPhone 5 or 5S is under the weather and showing symptoms of mishandling, this will work wonders.

The Straight and Narrow
Fashioned from metal, the exterior casings of the iPhone 5 and 5S ranges appeal to the sensibilities of those with an eye for stylish objects. But even relatively resilient materials such as this can suffer the consequences of physical exertion.

More likely than not, the frame will become damaged as a result of opening up the handset in order to carry out repairs, replace the screen or do some other essential maintenance work. Dismantling the iPhone requires a bit of effort because of the way it is held together, so even if you are delicate with it, sometimes things can go wrong.

The standard Gtool iCorner does exactly what its name suggests, which is to restore the corners of the iPhone 5 and 5S to their original shape without making a meal of things. So you need not pick up an unwieldy and inaccurate alternative and start bashing away in the hopes of straightening things up.

The Gtool iCorner 5 5S SideWall Tool Head does the same job, but it is carefully machined to fit in with the physical properties of the iPhone’s sides.

Getting Inside the Phone
Repairing an iPhone 5 or 5S invariably involves unscrewing the casing at the base and then tackling the somewhat tricky business of getting at the guts by prying the display from the frame, which reveals all you need to see beneath the surface.

While there is a range of tools available that can help with the removal of the screen itself, including those with soft suction pads and firm but smooth levering mechanisms, even using these will not necessarily allow you to completely avoid damaging the frame.

From very visible distortions of the metal to the most minor of structural subversions, this head from Gtool takes an innovative step in simplifying the essential process of repairing the iPhone 5 or 5S and preparing it for use once again.

Expert Eye for Detail
The good thing about this Gtool iCorner head is that it means that anyone can repair an iPhone 5 or 5S and leave it in a state that looks incredibly professional, without having to be particularly accurate in the use of other tools.

Because there is no need to reshape the flanks of the handset with hammer blows, chiselling or any other blunt object, and because the iCorner is activated by a screwing motion, you can get everything into position and receive consistently straight results every time.

So for home repair enthusiasts and professionals alike, this is a top-tier tool that will surely be grabbing your attention, no matter what your requirements or intentions are.


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