gTool iCorner Handle for Assistance with the iCorner Tools Set - G1209 - G1210

gTool iCorner Handle for Assistance with the iCorner Tools Set - G1209 - G1210

Make the most of your iPhone and iPad repairs with the Gtool iCorner Handle for assistance with the iCorner tools set. If you need a little more leverage when putting the frame back in its original shape, this add-on will be a powerful ally. Sometimes the simple things have the most impact, and this is definitely true of Gtool’s pumped-up handle.

A Helping Handle
The iCorner range of tool sets from Gtool is made up of a number of distinct tool heads which are compatible with different parts of different Apple products. But the one thing which unites all of these parts is the clamp-like body of the tool to which they can be attached.

The business end of the iCorner can be adapted to address issues with the frame of iPads and iPhones from many different generations of Apple devices. This includes recent releases such as the iPhone 5S and older models such as the iPad 2.

As well as being able to repair the corners of these gadgets, the iCorner range can also straighten up the edges if you have the right tool head to hand.

The way this works is that a screw mechanism can be twisted to apply pressure to the two halves of the tool head, which when placed on the appropriate part of an iPhone or iPad frame will lead to the metal being put back in its correct place, all while minimising the risks of leaving any cracks or scrapes.

The Power Within
The iCorner is manually operated, meaning you need to do all of the work with your hands. And for the most part, the amount of pressure you can apply should be more than adequate to address frame issues.

However, the Gtool iCorner handle for assistance with the iCorner tools set could be a blessing if you are dealing with a particularly tough problem that needs a little more physical force but you still want to keep the smooth, steady motion of turning the mechanism.

It essentially adds a larger handle to the end of the iCorner, so that rather than exerting force on a smaller screw head with your fingers, you can use your whole hand to increase the amount of torque available and really battle through a badly distorted frame so that it returns to a presentable shape.

The Price of Productivity
Professional iPhone and iPad repairers who have already invested in the Gtool iCorner will definitely find this add-on a useful purchase, since it could help to boost productivity and let them power through a pile of devices with frame issues that need addressing.

Equally, it should be useful for individuals who are going to be repairing their own iPhone or iPad and want to be sure that they have all the equipment they need to do so without being snared by some of the more common conundrums that the experts face. So whatever your needs, this handle is an affordable option to select when time is of the essence and you need more turning power.


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