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gTool iCorner Repair Tools
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gTool iCorner for iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 Driver - G1205

Take an innovative new approach to repairing your Apple tablet with the Gtool iCorner for iPad 2 iPa..

gTool iCorner for iPad Air and iPad Mini - G1207

Remove the signs of damage from the edges of your Apple tablet with the Gtool iCorner for iPad Air a..

gTool iCorner for iPhone 5 and 5S - G1203

Undo the dodgy marks left when replacing the screen of your high-end Apple handset with the iCorner ..

gTool iCorner for iPhone 6 G1227 - iPhone Frame Repair Tool

Undo damage to the frame of the latest Apple handset with the Gtool iCorner for iPhone 6 G1227 iPhon..

gTool PanelFormer Pro for iPhone 5 / 5S / 6 / 6 Plus

Address misshapen iPhone chassis issues with the gTool PanelFormer Pro for iPhone 5 / 5S / 6 / 6 Plu..

gTool Screen Jack G1201 for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C - G1201

Take the hassle out of removing your Apple handset’s LCD display with the Gtool Screen Jack for iPho..

gTool iCorner 5, 5S Corner Tool Head GH1203

Set your sights on the Gtool iCorner 5 5S corner tool head, and you could be thoroughly fixing an iP..

gTool iCorner 5, 5S SideWall Tool Head GH1204

Make your out-of-shape mobile fit as a fiddle with the Gtool iCorner 5 5S SideWall Tool Head. This a..

gTool iCorner Handle for Assistance with the iCorner Tools Set - G1209 - G1210

Make the most of your iPhone and iPad repairs with the Gtool iCorner Handle for assistance with the ..

gTool iCorner Head for iPhone 6 GH1227 - iPhone Frame Repair Tool

gTool iCorner Head for iPhone 6 GH1227 - iPhone Frame Repair Tool Latest innovation from gTool, f..

gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 Corner Tool Head GH1205

Take advantage of the Gtool iCorner iPad 2 3 4 corner tool head if you need to fix the frames of any..

gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 SideWall Tool G1206

With the gTool iCorner iPad 2 3 4 sidewall tool you do not need to let a bashed-up Apple tablet get ..

gTool iCorner iPad 2,3,4 SideWall Tool Head GH1206

For a tablet with a bend in its frame, the Gtool iCorner iPad 2 3 4 sidewall tool head is the only t..

gTool iCorner iPhone 5, 5S Side Wall Tool - G1204

The Gtool iCorner iPhone 5 5S side wall tool is the latest innovation in mobile repair, letting you ..

The gTool repair tools range is made up of a selection of products that are designed for repairing the damaged frames of iPhones, iPads and iPods. Available as individual tools for specific Apple devices or as a whole set that can cope with multiple models, this is an innovative and flexible approach to fixing common problems. So for one-off repairs or professionals on a mending mission, gTool is good news.

Corner the Competition
Ever since Apple begun making its smartphones and tablets with metal frames, there has been the risk of these frames becoming damaged and distorted, whether through drops and bumps in everyday use or during the process of repairing the devices.

The corners of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can be especially susceptible to this kind of damage, which is why the gTool iCorner is a great investment for fighting back against these kind of annoyances.

The tool head is shaped to account for the standard curves of an Apple device, and when it is applied to the part of the frame in question, it can use consistent, even pressure to push it back into its original form.

This means that you do not have to spend nerve-wracking minutes hammering the frame in order to achieve the same results. And whether you have one Apple handset to repair or 100, the gTool iCorner will be the king of consistency.

Side by Side
The curves of the corners of an iPhone or iPad frame are one thing, but the long straight side walls require a different approach and can be mastered by a different range of gTool repair tools. Or to be specific, a different set of heads.

The iCorner mechanism itself can be equipped with a number of tool heads to tackle different generations and models from Apple

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