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HTC Parts

High-Quality HTC Replacement Parts

HTC phones offer fantastic picture quality, easy one-handed use, pressure sensitive buttons and industry-leading dual camera unit. However, as is often the case with the most advanced technology,  it's all too easy for them to break or be seriously damaged by daily use. Instead of forking out a wad of cash for a brand new phone, why not instead opt to carry out your own repair on your device and make use of the selection of high-quality HTC replacement parts available from us? 

HTC Parts

Buying HTC Spare Parts For Repairs

HTC makes some excellent phones with high build quality. However, that doesn't mean that they last forever. If you are dealing with specific issues impacting the use of your HTC phone, you are in luck. We offer high-quality replacement parts that you can use to restore your phone to working order. 

HTC Phones Key Features


Camera Capabilities

Like many manufacturers, HTC really looks to innovate in smartphone camera technology. They managed to pack in a lot of good cameras into affordably priced smartphones. The typically look to innovate with their cameras by pushing the limits of smartphone camera technology and breaking down barriers. 

LCD Touch Display Screen. 

HTC also offers some of the best screens found in smartphones on the market. They were one of the first manufacturers to start the trend of 'phablets.' If you are someone that owns a phone with a large-sized screen, you are likely well aware of how amazing it is. Unfortunately, it does cause your phone to become much more susceptible to hard drops which can cause your screen to break.

Are HTC Phones Easily Repairable?

HTC phone repairs can be challenging but,  that being said, they are not impossible to repair. We would advise good preparation and time spent watching tutorial videos available on the web. Because they are tricky to mend, you are likely going to end up spending even more than you might expect if you go for a professional repair. However, there are plenty of different guides that you can follow which can make the task a lot easier if you decide to pursue your own fixes.

Popular Parts

There are several parts that lend themselves well to DIY repairs.

HTC-compatible Battery

A replacement battery is the most likely part you are going to need throughout your ownership of an HTC phone. Luckily, this is one of the easiest repairs that you can perform on various HTC phone models. Therefore, you should be able to get this type of repair done without much issue. While it is not as easy to repair as other phones, it is certainly something even a novice can accomplish.

LCD Touch Screens

Another common part that you might need to replace at some point is the touch screen display. You should expect the repair to take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes depending on your experience level. 

Why Buy parts From Us?

Order the parts you need from us today and get started on your HTC phone repair. Not only will you save a lot of time being able to get your phone back up and running quicker, but you will minimise the total amount you end up having to spend on the entire repair. 

Apart from attractive prices and the highest build-quality we also have a great turn-around service and backup support. Normally, Your parts will be dispatched within a 24-hour period (next working day if late order) and have a 12-month warranty guarantee. What's more, if you find the same replacement part somewhere else for cheaper, we'll be happy to beat the price (like for like quotations only).  Add in our offer of FREE UK mainland delivery for orders over £100 and you have a great all-round package that should help you get your handset repaired or spruced up.

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