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Genuine Huawei Batteries UK

Huawei Battery Replacement

Huawei Battery Replacement 

Genuine Huawei Battery replacements from iParts4u, If you have a Huawei mobile phone that is not lasting as long as it should you may need to replace the battery. These genuine replacement batteries for Huawei will ensure you keep your mobile running to full specification. We stock almost all replacement batteries for the Huawei mobile range. If the battery you need is not listed then all you need to do is contact us and we can obtain an original Huawei battery for your mobile device.

Huawei Batteries

Is it difficult to replace my Huawei battery? 

We do not think its difficult to replace any battery, however, this depends on your level of technical ability, we would always recommend watching a few repair guides online or reading a tutorial for repair before attempting a repair. What more if you are still unsure just give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with your battery repair. 


If I replace my Huawei battery will it void my warranty? 

Well if you need to replace your battery then the phone is probably already out of warranty as mobile phone batteries normally last around 18 -24 months, most manufacturers offer 12 months warranty with their mobile phones. In this instance it is unlikely to void your manufacturer's original warranty. However, you can be sure that using this genuine replacement will be the best option for full compatibility. 


Why is the shipping cost so high for sending Huawei Batteries? 

The cost to send Lithium ION mobile phone batteries is much more as these are classed as international dangerous goods, which means they can only be sent by approved courier services. Unfortunetely this cost is more than your standard Royal Mail service. 


How long will it take for my Huawei battery to arrive? 

This is a simple answer all batteries are sent using a next working day courier service, which means if you order between Monday and Thursday your replacement will arrive next day. If you are in a rush and are ordering on a Friday then there is always a Saturday delivery option however this does cost more. 


What warranty will come with my replacement Huawei Battery?

As this will be a genuine product we can be sure that it is of good quality and that is why we are prepared to offer a 12 month warranty on all Huawei battery replacements. 


I don't feel that I can do the Huawei battery repair can you help? 

We certainly can, if for any reason you are unsure on how to do the repair, we would be happy to offer a professional send in repair service, or if you are looking for a local repair we can also help, just use the contact us page and send us your details and we will be happy to put you in touch with a local repair technician. 



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