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Huawei Y Series Mobile Phone Spares

Y Series

The Huawei Y series is a popular selection of smartphones with fantastic features. The Y series has a loyal following and is seen as a good alternative to other popular smartphone ranges. Many Huawei Y series phones are notable for having an efficient battery life, good sizing, and eye-catching colours. We have a good selection of replacement parts for many smartphones in this family.

Failures Of Y Series Mobiles

Although many Huawei Y series phones have a reputation for being difficult to damage, it's still possible. We have seen plenty of Y series phones that have unfortunately been damaged. However, the vast majority of Y series smartphones can be properly repaired by using high-quality parts. Here are the various ways you can damage your Y family mobile phone;

  • Camera recording issues caused by dropping
  • Cracked screen due to grazing or dropping
  • Operating system malfunctions caused by water contact
  • Charging port damage and malfunctions caused by water or extensive usage
  • Power and battery problems from manufacturer faults or physical damage

We aim to carry a broad range of replacements for this device;

  • Screen digitizers
  • Screen replacements
  • Motherboard and PCB boards
  • Camera lens
  • Back housing covers
  • Earspeakers
  • Flex and signal cables

problems repairing your device? Our thoughts on some common problem areas;

Can a Huawei Y Series Mobile’s Cracked Screen Be Replaced?

Yes, these phones allow for screen replacements to be carried out. However, please note that replacing a screen is tricky and requires special tools that conform to manufacturer specs for a correct replacement.

Can a Huawei Y Series Mobile Phone Battery Be Replaced?

Yes, the batteries within these mobiles can be taken out and replaced. The batteries inside these models are sensitive, which is why it's difficult to safely change the battery without training and appropriate tools.

Can a Huawei Y Series Charge Port Be Replaced?

Yes, the internal structure of the Y series range of phones allows for replacing the charging port. Properly replacing the charging port without impacting areas such as the battery of the phone is challenging, which is why only pros can correctly replace the port.

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