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gTool iCorner for iPhone 5 and 5S - G1203

-37% gTool iCorner for iPhone 5 and 5S - G1203

Undo the dodgy marks left when replacing the screen of your high-end Apple handset with the iCorner iPhone 5 5S frame repair tool. A simple yet elegant solution to common problems for anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5S with a damaged display, it can get rid of unsightly, misshapen corners in a jiffy. And it is perfect for using again and again if you have many devices to repair.


Curve Your Enthusiasm

The sleek lines and smooth, curved corners of the iPhone 5 and 5S are unlike anything that Apple has attempted before, which is why they need preserving as much as possible. And with Gtool’s iCorner iPhone 5 5s frame repair tool you need not make do with a device that looks as if it has been subjected to some seriously unfavourable conditions.

The problem it addresses is that when you remove the display assembly from an iPhone, you can often end up causing the frame to be bent out of its intended shape. And without this tool you might be forced to attempt a bit of work with a hammer or other heavy object to get it back into roughly the right form.

You can put your unwieldy tools to one side with this iCorner product from Gtool, which has the ability to mould your iPhone’s frame back into shape each and every time.


Turning of the Screw

The head of this particular Gtool iCorner model is, as the name suggests, intended for use with the iPhone 5 and its successor, the iPhone 5S. and all you need to do to get your phone looking good again is to place the tool on the corner that has come under pressure and twist the bolt at the other end of the assembly.

The head of the iCorner is specially shaped to replicate the exact curvature of the iPhone 5 and 5S corner, so rather than facing up to the prospect of cracking or damaging your frame further, you can twist again and again and use this tool to turn back time to a point when your handset was the belle of the ball.


Cracking Up

If you are going to be taking your iPhone 5 or 5S apart in order to carry out repairs, then with tools such as this you can make things much easier for yourself, whether you are doing this at home or taking it up professionally.

The iCorner tool is an affordable and precise alternative to aimlessly hammering at the frame of an iPhone in the hopes of knocking it back into a vaguely recognisable shape. And if you have encountered problems in the past with other repairs, this might be the answer to your prayers.

With instructional videos available online and an operation technique that anyone can master, the iCorner iPhone frame repair tool is the unsung hero of contemporary Apple handset repair. So do not pull your hair out over a bent or cracked frame, and get this professional bit of kit in your iPhone repair arsenal.


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