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iPhone 3G
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This adhesive has been specially designed to adhere the iPhone glass/digitiser to the mid chassis fr..

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Faulty earpiece speaker? sound not as clear as it use to be? then why not buy a new earpiece speaker..

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The head phone jack ring is the silver lining visible around the headphone jack. Unfortunately the h..

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This replacement part is the holder for your iPhone 3G and 3GS power / sleep button. perfect replace..

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This is the Spring Eject part which allows you to eject the sim tray with a sim eject pin. Replacing..

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Lost or damaged your black iPhone 3G or 3GS sim card tray? then why not replace it with this replace..

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Lost or damaged your white iPhone 3G or 3GS sim card tray? then why not replace it with this replace..

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If your speaker grill mesh is covered in dirt and its causing your audio to come out muffled or not ..

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This is the 3G, 3GS volume button internal metal cover part which holds the buttons in place. Replac..

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Most smartphones these days are sealed units, and as such, taking off the back of your phone is no l..

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With iPhone 3G replacement component parts you can turn a damaged, faulty or near-death smartphone into a device that is working as well as it did the day you first purchased it. From small iPhone 3G parts such as screws and cables to complicated components including the display, there is something for everyone. So dust off your dilapidated handset and reinvigorate it with these killer bits of kit.

Cool Cables & Compact Components

Repairing an iPhone 3G does not always have to be about addressing a fault with a major component; more often than not you will find that something small but very significant has suffered a mishap and needs to be replaced.

Many of the cables, for example, can fray, tear or become otherwise physically compromised over time, leading to issues such as a faulty headphone jack, a problematic mute button or an unresponsive Home Button. But with iPhone 3G replacement parts you can affordably and effectively replace any of these degraded components, either on your own or with the help of a professional.

Cable arrays within the iPhone tend to handle several tasks, which simplifies things when the time comes to replace them. For example, the cable that deals with the signal for the headphone jack also includes the connections for the power switch, volume buttons and mute key, making it a multi-functional solution for common connection issues inside your handset.

Screen Saviours

The screen of an iPhone 3G is incredibly important, because it is not only the component with which you view all of the software and services that the mobile has to offer, but it is also the chief means by which you will interact with content. So if it is damaged in any way you may no longer be able to see things clearly, nor use its touchscreen functions to effectively use the iPhone.

With a large number of iPhone 3G spares suited specifically to the screen, most issues can be completely eradicated. You can buy a replacement glass screen digitizer that lets you throw out a cracked, scratched or smashed original display while also restoring the touch sensitivity to its original level of responsiveness.

There are also a number of specific tools designed to help you carry out repairs on the notoriously well-built iPhone so that you do not need to pay someone else to do the work if you are confident in your own abilities. Just remember that a professional can be a real asset if you are uncertain as to how to perform particular repairs, especially those involving the fiddly internal parts.

On the Case

Damaging an iPhone 3G need not necessarily involve any of the actual hardware being compromised; you could just as easily drop your phone on its back and end up with an unsightly abrasion on its stylish outer shell.

If you are no longer happy to pull out your handset in public because of the damage sustained by the housing at some point, but you do not want to resort to hiding it in a big, clunky carry case, then replacing these parts is a simple and cheap solution.

For more exacting but no less aesthetically important repairs, there are earpiece and speaker covers designed to keep the dust out of your phone while still allowing sound through. These can become scuffed, dented or distorted over time and they are an inexpensive part to replace.

The iPhone 3G has become a modern classic and is especially desirable since Apple has radically altered the size and design of its successors. So preserving your older device and ensuring that it still looks its best is important and achievable with these parts. It can be both a phone and a retro fashion accessory, in an industry where retro trends can be established even if a device is only half a decade old.


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