iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS
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This adhesive has been specially designed to adhere the iPhone glass/digitiser to the mid chassis f..

£0.35 Ex Tax: £0.30

Faulty earpiece speaker? sound not as clear as it use to be? then why not buy a new earpiece speaker..

£0.34 Ex Tax: £0.29

The head phone jack ring is the silver lining visible around the headphone jack. Unfortunately the ..

£0.48 Ex Tax: £0.40

This replacement part is the holder for your iPhone 3G and 3GS power / sleep button. perfect replac..

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This is the Spring Eject part which allows you to eject the sim tray with a sim eject pin. Replacin..

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Lost or damaged your black iPhone 3G or 3GS sim card tray? then why not replace it with this replace..

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Lost or damaged your white iPhone 3G or 3GS sim card tray? then why not replace it with this replace..

£0.58 Ex Tax: £0.48

If your speaker grill mesh is covered in dirt and its causing your audio to come out muffled or not ..

£1.05 Ex Tax: £0.88

This is the 3G, 3GS volume button internal metal cover part which holds the buttons in place. Repla..

£0.34 Ex Tax: £0.29

If you have cracked, scratched or damaged the glass on your black iPhone 3GS this is the part you ne..

£2.83 Ex Tax: £2.36

Most smartphones these days are sealed units, and as such, taking off the back of your phone is no l..

£0.69 Ex Tax: £0.58

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