iPhone 5 Battery Replacements

iPhone 5 Battery Replacements
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Replacement For iPhone 5 - Battery

You can overcome poor battery life with the replacement for iPhone 5 replacement internal battery pa..

£7.95 Ex Tax: £6.63

Replacement For iPhone 5 - Battery Adhesive

Pick up the iPhone 5 battery removal sticker if you are replacing your handset’s battery or the orig..

£1.20 Ex Tax: £1.00

iPhone 5 BatteryiPhone 5 Battery 

Buy iPhone 5 Battery from iParts4u, If you are after a replacement battery for iPhone 5, then you have come to the right place this high quality replacement battery from iParts4u will get your iPhone 5 up and running again. Our Low cost iPhone 5 Battery is the perfect trouble free replacement that you have been searching for.


How can I test my original iPhone 5 battery? 

A lot of iPhone users think their battery is not working properly and replace it without checking if their original battery is at fault, an easy way to check your battery is to download a battery health app from the app store. This will give you a good idea if your battery capacity is up to scratch, if your battery capacity is under 90% it would be worth replacing. This is the best way to check your iPhones battery prior to replacement. 


Is it dificult to replace an iPhone 5 Battery? 

No this is not dificult at all, however this depends on your technical ability we would recommend watching some online repair guides or reading some online tutorials to ensure you feel confident with this repair. 


Will I need anything else to complete my iPhone 5 Battery repair? 

When doing an iPhone 5 battery replacement we would recommend buying a replacement adhesive to ensure the new battery is as secure as it can be, you do not want a lithium ION battery loose inside your iPhone when in use. 


Is it safe to do the repair my self? 

Yes as long as you follow guides and safety precautions carefully, do not use sharp instruments near the battery and avoid pearcing the battery, this is extreamly important as if you peirce a battery this will catch fire. If you are unsure about any part of this repair please don't hesitate to contact us. 


What if I don't want to do the repair my self?

Well if for whatever reason you don't want to repair your iPhone 5 battery your self. Then why not use our repair service  all you need to do is send your iPhone 5 in to us for repair and we will replace the battery for you for £29.95 and this includes shipping back to you.

Alternatively iParts4u can put you in contact with a local professional repairer to replace your iPhone 5 battery all you need to do is send us an email using the contact us form and we will be able to provide full details. 


Can you supply a OEM iPhone 5 battery? 

Unfortunately this isn't something iParts4u can provide or any other third party supplier, this is because Apple do not supply batteries to third parties. The iPhone 5 batteries that iParts4u stock are made by an OEM factory however this is not the same factory that Apple buy their batteries from. However you can be sure that the batteries that iParts4u sell, meet all the same levels of quality as the original product. However they are not made by Apple. 


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