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The iPhone 5 is an intricate device with an assortment of high-tech parts. We offer a wide array of model 5 camera parts promising superior quality, efficient results, and consistent value. If the goal is to find an adequate replacement within minutes, this inventory provides a broad selection of parts to choose from. Take the time to go through the various options and find one that's ideal for your needs. 

iPhone 5 Camera Replacements
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The replacement for iPhone 5 front camera and proximity sensor flex cable is an ideal replacement pa..

£2.95 Ex Tax: £2.46

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This is a replacement for the iPhone 5 rear camera and flash module, if you are having issues with t..

£5.95 Ex Tax: £4.96

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High-Quality Parts Including Rear Camera And Sensors

The iPhone 5 requires a specific part for each action and this is where a specialised inventory makes all the difference. Instead of hoping to find a feasible option that's suitable for the iPhone 5's needs, why not trust a competent online provider like ourselves here at iParts4U? We put in the effort to source high-quality parts and makes sure the solution works well and is compatible with version 5 of Apple’s phone range. Before being brought to the market, each part is assessed, along with its manufacturer, to determine the quality and how well it's going to fit with the device once the replacement process begins. All Camera parts in this collection have passed this test!

Straightforward To Install 

Want something that's easy to set up and isn't going to get in the way of your iPhone 5? With modern-day smartphones such as this model, it's best to look at the ease of use and how well the part works with the phone. Our list of replacements has been sourced by experts and is always easy to set up as soon as the purchase is made. There is a multitude of very good online guides and we will be building our own library over coming months. For more information on how the parts work and how we select them, feel free to speak to one of our specialists to learn more.

The Camera part installation process is going to be relatively straightforward and is in line with modern industry requirements. The iPhone 5 is a high-tech smartphone device and has to be handled with care, including the parts being used. Once the part is purchased, it should fit seamlessly and work as it is supposed to. 

No Drop in Quality

Cameras are all about quality and it's no different with the iPhone 5. With this inventory of parts, customers are welcome to select from an assortment of top-tier cameras based on their needs. These parts are not only built to last but are also going to perform year-round without taking away from the smartphone's quality.  Customers are therefore able to feel confident in how the camera will function and whether or not it's going to be compatible with the iPhone's hardware. Please note, each part has been tested and will work well as soon as it is set up with the iPhone 5. 

Customers will know the part is going to work immediately and that's what makes this the ultimate option online! For more on the phone version 5 camera parts, how they work, and their pricing, please take the time to go through this inventory. It's an opportunity to avoid inefficient or unreliable camera parts. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction with a high-quality camera component at a good price, warranty-backed and with our respected support available.

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