iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen with Small Parts - Black - High Quality

iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen with Small Parts - Black - High Quality

iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen with Small Parts - Black - High Quality

Cracked your black iPhone 5 LCD Screen, then why not replace it with this high quality replacement complete iPhone 5 LCD screen with small parts from iParts4u, the quality of this LCD is superior to other third part replacements in the UK market, The LCD comes complete with front facing camera, earpiece speaker, earpiece speaker bracket, LCD shield and home button kit, as well as a superior quality LCD. For added piece of mind this LCD also comes with a 12 Months warranty.

We would recommend customer to watch a few repair videos before undertaking this repair. Please also ensure you disconnect the battery before install.

Tools we recommend to assist with this repair below.

Precision tool kit

Plastic spudger

iFlex opening tool


Manufacturer P/N: 821-1451,  821-1452

Compatible with: iPhone 5

Manufacurer: Tianma

Warranty: 12 Months RTB


What’s included: 


1 x iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen with Small Parts - Black - High Quality
1 x Tool Kit

How to Install / Tips:

·       Please check that this is the right model part before placing an order.

·       Please ensure you test the LCD before fully fitting the LCD in to the iPhone chassis.

·       Please try to handle the repair or replacement work in a dry and dust free environment without direct sunlight.

·       The installation of any new part should be done by a qualified person. iParts4u is not responsible for any damage caused during installation.


Product installation Guide Below

Fitting these LCD's can be hard work and many customers break the LCD Cable in the process of fitting so we've put together a guide on how to install the LCD correctly. 

Please keep the LCD and the middle frame at the angle of 130 degrees, and buckle the flex

iPhone-5-installation-1 copy

Fix the plastic cover as the left pic shown and fix the screw

iPhone-5-installation-2 copy

The correct position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-3 copy

The correct way to insert the LCD into the middle frame and the correct way to hold the the phone and test the LCD

iPhone-5-installation-4 copy

The wrong position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-4.9 copy

The wrong way to insert the LCD into the middle frame

The wrong way to hold the LCD for testing


The left one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex; The right one is correct.

iPhone-5-installation-5 copy

The left one is correct. The right one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex.

iPhone-5-installation-6 copy

This guide is to help customers get the best from there new iPhone 5, 5s and 5C LCD screens purchased from iParts4u. 

This guide is property of iParts-4u anyone copying without permission will be reported under copyright laws. 

With an iPhone 5 complete screen assembly replacement LCD digitizer small parts in black with free tool kit, you will have the right components to repair your handset and restore its display to working order. As well as the display assembly, you get tools to make the installation easier. So you can whip out the old screen and put a new one in its place unhindered.

No Such Thing as Small Parts
There are many components within the iPhone 5 which are physically small, but the jobs they do may well be vital to the normal operation of the handset. And so if one of them is damaged or stops working, you will need to replace it as soon as possible or face the prospect of buying a new phone, which is too expensive for most people to consider as an option.

Repairing your iPhone with this kit is made as easy as possible because the LCD digitizer and display assembly comes with a host of the smaller components included as well. That means you will also be getting a new Home Button, earpiece speaker, FaceTime camera and proximity sensor as part of the package.

This really does take some of the complexity out of the process of replacing an iPhone 5 display, because you can remove the assembly and put a new one in its place without having to get too involved in the smaller, more fragile parts.

Flat-Pack Future
The slim build of the iPhone 5 is no accident; Apple put a lot of effort into keeping it as thin as possible. And one of the biggest achievements in all of this is the Retina Display.

With a high pixel count, it delivers very sharp performance, whether you are using apps, browsing the web or playing media files. So if this slender and fragile component is damaged, the iPhone 5S complete screen assembly replacement LCD digitizer small parts in black with free tool kit will give you the power to put an official Apple panel where it should be.

You will be reassured to see that this assembly is covered by a 12-month warranty, which means if it suffers faults you can get a replacement without any fuss. It is compatible only with the iPhone 5 and since it has a black bezel should only be used with this model.

Get Your Kit Off
The free tool kit included here will be a significant help for people who want to repair their iPhone 5 at home, although professional display replacement can also be an affordable option to consider.

The kit will have the parts you need to disengage the current damaged display from its housing and put this assembly in its place. Just keep your eye on the fragile parts and follow online guides to get the best possible results.

Do not be daunted by damage or let yourself be affected by display faults; with this replacement assembly and tool kit, you can be in charge of your own mobile destiny.


iPhone 5 Complete Screen Assembly Replacement LCD Digitizer Small Parts - Black - Free Tool Kit, this is an ideal replacement if you do not want the hassle of replacing all the small parts like the camera, and home button as this is already pre-fitted with all the small parts. 



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Parts Quality Explained – OEM


OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer” there are many discriptions online of what this means, so we want to explain what it means to iParts4u.


The term OEM means the same build quality as an original manufactured part, using the same materials and specifications of the original part.


OEM is used when describing parts that are new, used or refurbished. The condition of any product will be in the description.


OEM products can sometimes be made up of several parts, these would be assembled by a third party factory, in some cases the consumables used in the production of these parts may differ.


All parts go through strict testing procedures to ensure the quality of the part, however these testing procedures may differ from that of the original manufacturers procedures.


Any parts supplied as OEM will not have any quality loss or loss of functions and will be covered under our extensive warranty.


OEM Parts will not carry the original logos or branding as to avoid the additional cost of the brand value of the original part. It is more likely that an OEM cost, will be associated with the actual cost of producing the product, rather than due to the expense of marketing the entire brand and the values that the brand supports.


iParts4u is not associated with the devices manufacturer and in many cases will not source the parts directly from the manufacturer, the manufacturer is also not involved with the sales or testing of any product.




Parts Quality Explained – High Quality (Non OEM)


High Quality parts are manufactured and assembled by third party manufacturers, from partially or all aftermarket components. This means that this is not made by an OEM licensed factory.


High Quality parts are a compatible part made to similar specifications of that of the original part.


iParts4u go through many months of testing third party parts and have strict testing facilities for these parts, we always try to obtain the best quality parts and products in the market and are always working with the manufacturers to develop these parts.


iParts4u offer the same warranty on all our High Quality parts as that of the OEM parts to ensure customer satisfaction. 

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