iPhone 5 Genuine Original Charging Dock Port Flex Cable Assembly With Headphone Jack And Microphone - White

iPhone 5 Genuine Original Charging Dock Port Flex Cable Assembly With Headphone Jack And Microphone - White

You can address many annoying handset issues with the iPhone 5G replacement dock port flex cable assembly with headphone jack and microphone. It features the cables and components which are housed in the lower part of your Apple mobile, including the Lightning connector. So everything from poor microphone performance to charging problems can be fixed.

Dock Dock, Who’s There?
In designing the iPhone 5, which is one of the thinnest mobile phones on the market, Apple was very conscious of the need to integrate its various hardware features as efficiently as possible. So you might not realise that the connections for the microphone, Lightning cable, headphone jack and antenna are all handled by the same cable.

In fact, if you take a look at this part, you will find that they in fact exist side by side at the base of the handset and can be replaced simultaneously if you are suffering from a range of faults.

For example, you may find that your iPhone 5 is having microphone trouble that is making it hard for callers to hear what you are saying. Alternatively, you may be encountering issues when attempting to charge or synchronise your phone.

A big problem may arise from the headphone jack not functioning as it should, meaning you cannot get privacy when listening to music, watching videos or making hands-free calls.

Buying and installing the iPhone 5G replacement dock port flex cable assembly with headphone jack and microphone will let you overcome all of these issues and put your white iPhone 5 back into a state of good health.

Avoid Connection Calamities
Defects and connection dramas are not especially common thanks to the quality of Apple’s components, so when they do arise it is important to choose a replacement part that matches the same standards as the outgoing unit.

This dock port flex cable assembly is an official component sourced from Apple’s own production line, so there is no doubting its credentials. You can install it with confidence or pass it on to a trained technician to carry out the necessary work, putting any of your connection calamities to bed once and for all.

Warranty, Compatibility and the Whole Caboodle
This replacement dock port flex cable assembly is intended for use only with the Apple iPhone 5 in white, so it should only be purchased by owners with this handset in need of repairs.

As it is an OEM product, you get a 12-month warranty to account for any faults that the part may develop in the first year. And as you can see, the cost of the component is not very high compared to the value of the iPhone 5 as a whole, so it is much more cost-effective to carry out repairs rather than buying a new handset every time something minor goes wrong.

You do not need to feel helpless if your iPhone 5 develops faults with key components, especially if you have purchased a replacement part and are willing to combat issues with a quick repair.

Apple P/N: 821-1417


Apple iPhone 5G

What's included?RTB Warranty: 12 Months

1 x iPhone 5 White Replacement dock port flex cable assembly with headphone jack and microphone


This item is used to repair a broken, damaged,cracked,defective Charging Port Dock Connector Flex Cable Ribbon .

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