5S Charge Ports
iPhone 5S Charge Port Replacement

Why Replacing iPhone 5s Charge Ports Is Not As Hard As You Think

Dealing with charging port issues is never fun. This is especially true when you are dealing with issues impacting something you use and rely on daily like your phone. If you have had your iPhone 5s for some time and it has experienced normal wear and tear leading to charge port issues, you are in luck. IParts4U specialises in supplying end consumers with affordable iPhone parts to restore their phones back to working order.

5S Charge Ports
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First, you will want to figure out whether or not it is your iPhone 5s charge port or your iPhone 5s charging cable that is causing the issue. If possible, you can check to see if the cable works with another iPhone that you own. That way, you can isolate the issue directly to your charge port. If it is indeed your charge port that is malfunctioning, you will want to order a replacement in the appropriate colour from iParts4U. Then, you can simply follow the instructions to replace it on your own.

That's right, no more waiting around for a week or longer for your mobile handset to get repaired by a repair centre. Instead, you will be able to get the part you need to be shipped directly to you allowing you to repair your charge port on your own. This alone is going to end up saving you a tremendous amount of time and avoid having to deal with shipping issues that could crop up. Some people cannot be away from their phone or have no access to their phone for such a long period of time. For these people, there is simply no better option than replacing the part on your own at your own time.

Another thing that you won't have to worry about is sending your iPhone in for repair and getting a used or poor quality charge port installed in your phone. After all, if you send your phone in for repair, you have no control over what part is used for the repair. As a result, you could end up getting a poor quality port installed which can result in more trouble than you had with the original charge port. By getting the part on your own and installing it yourself, you will be able to avoid this issue entirely.

No matter why your 5s unit is malfunctioning, you will be able to get the replacement you need, in the colour you want, to get your phone back to charging normally. Being able to charge your phone is essential to maintaining the functionality of your phone. Instead of sending in your phone for a costly professional repair, you can order the components you need to get the job done yourself. With iParts4U, you are guaranteed to get the highest quality products at the best possible price. Best of all, they back all of their components and parts with a lifetime warranty which can give you enhanced peace of mind knowing the part is going to last.

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