iPhone 5S LCD Screen Assembly - Black - OEM

iPhone 5S LCD Screen Assembly - Black - OEM

Bring the black edition of the iPhone 5S back to a box fresh state with this replacement display kit. With the iPhone 5S LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame you get an official Retina Display panel as well as the necessary tools required to install it in your handset. Don't let a damaged display compromise your enjoyment of this superb handset; stop putting up with a broken screen and get this official spare part to solve the display problems with your 5S.

Genuine Parts for Genuine Problems

The iPhone 5S has an undeniably beautiful display that brings apps, games and media content to life with stunning clarity. But it is far from indestructible, with cracks, scratches and full blown smashes often reducing owners to tears.

With the iPhone 5S LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame to hand you will have all you need to take a damaged screen and put a brand new, fully functional unit in its place. And best of all, this replacement part includes an official OEM LCD panel that is identical to those used in Apple’s factories.

The genuine LCD touch screen digitizer assembly includes a frontage of Gorilla Glass, which is tough enough to prevent future damage from occurring and also crystal clear and responsive so that every user interaction is registered unhindered by the handset.

Don't Settle for Less

When you purchase this part for your iPhone 5S you will also benefit from a 12 month warranty on the assembly and frame, meaning that if something goes wrong with the internal workings of the replacement kit then you can return it without any hassle.

Not every spares supplier will offer such comprehensive cover, so why settle for any less than a totally satisfying customer experience?

Taking Proper Precautions

Before you go ahead with your screen repairs using the iPhone 5S LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame, remember that it is not wise to root around inside your high end smartphone without first consulting guides that tell you know how to do so safely.

Plenty can go wrong if you simply pop off the front of your iPhone and dive in without following proper procedure. Using the supplied tool kit and following online guides will ensure that you avoid a broken home button or a damaged battery. You might even want to invest in an anti-static wristband that will discharge any harmful currents so that they are not passed from your fingers to the phone’s sensitive components.

There are a number of vital tools bundled with this package. Choosing it will see you as prepared as possible to carry out the work needed to replace the screen of your iPhone 5S with an official panel. You will need a steady hand, a little patience and the dexterity to deal with the fiddly screws that are housed within, but all your hard work will pay off with a handset that has been restored to its original condition. And without the exorbitant repair service costs.

*Only one toolkit per person/order


This is an excellent replacement for your broken or fault LCD & touch screen digitizer for iPhone

We do not provide instructions with the item, if you are unfamiliar on fitting the replacement screen, we recommend you to view a Tuturiol on YouTube to see exactly what is involved in replacing the screen.


Product Installation Guide Below

LCD's can be hard work and many customers break the LCD Cable in the process of fitting so iParts-4u have put together a guide on how to install the LCD correctly. 

Please keep the LCD and the middle frame at the angle of 130 degrees, and buckle the flex

iPhone-5-installation-1 copy

Fix the plastic cover as the left pic shown and fix the screw

iPhone-5-installation-2 copy

The correct position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-3 copy

The correct way to insert the LCD into the middle frame and the correct way to hold the the phone and test the LCD

iPhone-5-installation-4 copy

The wrong position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-4.9 copy



The wrong way to insert the LCD into the middle frame

The wrong way to hold the LCD for testing


The left one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex; The right one is correct.

iPhone-5-installation-5 copy

The left one is correct. The right one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex.

iPhone-5-installation-6 copy

This guide is to help customers get the best from there new iPhone 5, 5s and 5C LCD screens purchased from iParts4u. 

This guide is property of iParts-4u anyone copying without permission will be reported under copyright laws








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