iPhone 5S LCD Screen Assembly - White - OEM

iPhone 5S LCD Screen Assembly - White - OEM

An iPhone 5S with a broken screen can be a complete pain, but you can overcome unsightly smashes and functionality-compromising scratches with this replacement panel. The iPhone 5S LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame includes everything you need to send your phone’s old screen to the tip and put a shiny new panel in its place. So owners of the white iPhone 5S can repair their handset without the costs associated with a repair service.

Return of the Retina

The front of the iPhone 5S is dominated by a superb Retina Display, with its high pixel density and impressive brightness delivering an unparalleled user experience - as long as everything is working as it should. But once damage occurs or a fault arises, you can be left with a device that neither works adequately nor looks good enough to pull out in public.

If you are in this situation then snapping up the iPhone 5S LCD touch screen digitizer assembly and frame will allow you to uncouple and dispose of the compromised original panel and replace it with this completely official spare part. You can return the phone to its original pristine condition at a fraction of the cost of a third party repair service.

Official Parts & a Warranty Too

In selecting spare parts for an iPhone you should always opt for products that have come straight from Apple’s supply chain. Official components are going to ensure compatibility and durability. In contrast, unbranded parts from unknown sources are less likely to last and could even cause more damage to your handset.

This screen replacement for the iPhone 5S falls into the former category. The LCD panel is a top tier product from an OEM supplier, ensuring that you get that genuine Retina Display experience when you install it correctly. Customers also benefit from a 12 month warranty that means you can return the display if it develops a problem after you take delivery of it. 

Tooled Up

By no means all spare parts come with tools, but in this case you are provided with everything you need to uncouple the old iPhone 5S display and put a fully working unit in its place. The iPhone family is notoriously user unfriendly when it comes to maintenance and any physical work. Apple's design is less than simple to take apart by hand, with even something as simple as replacing the battery requiring partial dismantling. However, since tools are included in the price of this bundle you will have everything you need to tackle Apple’s technology. 

There are few feelings of personal satisfaction that can match the one you will get from replacing the screen of an iPhone 5S. This is particularly true if you choose to do this yourself; you will be making a significant saving by sidestepping the exorbitant charges associated with many repair service providers. If you are a little patient and are prepared to read guides online and to work methodically through a process, then you can become your own iPhone technician.

*Only one toolkit per person/order


This is an excellent replacement for your broken or fault LCD & touch screen digitizer for iPhone

We do not provide instructions with the item, if you are unfamiliar on fitting the replacement screen, we recommend you to view a Tuturiol on YouTube to see exactly what is involved in replacing the screen.


Product Installation Guide Below

LCD's can be hard work and many customers break the LCD Cable in the process of fitting so iParts-4u have put together a guide on how to install the LCD correctly. 

Please keep the LCD and the middle frame at the angle of 130 degrees, and buckle the flex

iPhone-5-installation-1 copy

Fix the plastic cover as the left pic shown and fix the screw

iPhone-5-installation-2 copy

The correct position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-3 copy

The correct way to insert the LCD into the middle frame and the correct way to hold the the phone and test the LCD

iPhone-5-installation-4 copy

The wrong position of the folding flex

iPhone-5-installation-4.9 copy



The wrong way to insert the LCD into the middle frame

The wrong way to hold the LCD for testing


The left one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex; The right one is correct.

iPhone-5-installation-5 copy

The left one is correct. The right one is wrong, which easily causes the break of the flex.

iPhone-5-installation-6 copy

This guide is to help customers get the best from there new iPhone 5, 5s and 5C LCD screens purchased from iParts4u. 

This guide is property of iParts-4u anyone copying without permission will be reported under copyright laws








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