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The iPhone 7 is one of Apple’s more recent models in the long line of mobile phones they have brought to the market.  This cell phone handset sports an impressive array of integrated modern communications technology but is also quite vulnerable to faults or damage. This mobile phone’s glass touch screen display is critical to its use and yet can be easily damaged, cracked or become faulty. Once there is an issue with the display component there will then be a question of repair cost and delay while the phone is sent to and received from, an official repair centre.  Costs can be substantial, and the phone may be out of an owner’s hands for more than a week, often several.  That is why many owners also consider making repairs on their own where costs are lower and time without the handset minimised. 

LCD Screens For iPhone 7
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Damaged your white iPhone 7 LCD screen, then iParts4u is the place to come we have stock of the Repl..

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  Is the LCD Screen on your White iPhone 7 LCD cracked or damaged? Or simply your existing s..

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Is the screen on your white iPhone 7 cracked or damaged? Or maybe its simply stopped working? Then r..

£49.95 Ex Tax: £41.63

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  If you are replacing an old or broken iPhone 7 LCD you will most likely need a replac..

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.25

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  If you are replacing an old or broken iPhone 7 LCD you will most likely need a r..

£1.50 Ex Tax: £1.25

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If your iPhone 7 front camera flex has failed or been damaged in repair, or the camera has become di..

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This part is used to replace the broken or damaged iPhone 7 LCD back plate in your device, and it wi..

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Is Your LCD Touch Screen Faulty Or Broken?


We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say this – losing an LCD screen through breakage or a fault is a really big hit in this day and age!. Unfortunately, there are several different types of display issue that can affect the 7 model. If you have a problem, then it is probably one of these;

Impact damage from the handset being dropped, scraped or hit heavily

Screen scratching due to scraping of the glass LCD or it coming into contact with a sharp or abrasive object

Electronic faults will develop with even the most modern technology. Lines down the screen or a very dark display are examples of this.

On the face of it making repairs yourself to any of the problems above may seem daunting, especially to someone attempting it for the first time. However, a little research will show that, with online guides and web tutorials (for example, like those we have on this site), it is within reach for most people. Yes, really! However, there will always be some doubt, not least about the compatibility and reliability of aftermarket components. There is no need to be put off by this – we can help you with guaranteed, tested replacements so your risk is low.

There are also other benefits to buying your replacement part from iParts4U

  • FREE mainland UK delivery on orders over £100 in value
  • Our Price Match Promise – we won’t be beaten on price
  • Our comprehensive 1-year warranty on all our parts
  • Return your part for a replacement if your purchase becomes faulty in under 30 days
  • Our renowned technical support is available when choosing your part or as part of after-sales support.

5 more great reasons to trust us with your business.


Why Consider Repairing Your Screen Yourself?


There are two main reasons to consider tackling your own repair

Parts bought from a trusted supplier like iParts4U will enable a substantial cost saving, not least in labour charges

Because the repair is done by you the time-saving in terms of labour but also the turn-around time for your device to be sent away, fixed and returned.

Both the above are very good reasons to attempt your own repair and mend your screen. Of course, the parts must be reliable and compatible with the iPhone 7.


Are Modern Replacement Displays Compatible & Reliable?


Both compatibility and reliability are fundamental to good quality replacement screen parts. The iPhone 7 display screen products we sell have been thoroughly tested by us in both areas and have a proven history of reliable performance electronically and physically (backed by customer evidence).  We offer a range of screen parts from high-quality to premium depending on budget and requirement. In all cases, we also ensure our products are fully compatible with the 7 model, again supported by our customer’s experience. The 1-year guarantee on our LCD display spares shows that we stand behind our products and have proven confidence in their performance.


Can You Save Money Repairing Your Own LCD?


In a word, Yes. The simple fact is that dealer repair services are costly in both parts and labour.  The replacement glass LCDs we sell combine quality with cost-effectiveness to provide the best-of-breed in iPhone 7 aftermarket repair parts.  Time saved by carrying out the repair yourself can be substantial, turning potentially several weeks without your mobile into a couple of hours.


Some Of The Most Common iPhone 7 LCD Repair Questions.


Our support team is asked many questions by customers about the quality and fitting of our parts. Here are some of the most common.


Is There A ‘How To’ Guide For This Model?


There a many very helpful video and written tutorials available online, while we have an ever-increasing range of video tutorials on our site

See our guide for this replacement project

Typically, this project should take around 30-60 minutes depending on experience, tools available and current technical knowledge. Patience is a virtue with this task and don’t forget to contact us if you need any help.


Are Your iPhone 7 Screen Parts Identical To The Original?


Not completely because Apple does not supply genuine parts to 3rd party suppliers. As noted above, our parts are built to the highest quality and compatibility standards. You can see examples of all three ranges we sell below.


What Are The Different screen replacements that you sell?


We stock 3 levels of Glass touch screen display. These are;

iParts4u High Quality - These are made using Tianma premium LCD panels, these are also built with a digitizer using glass on film design. The difference between our third-party iPhone 7 screens and others on the market is that we use a glass on film digitizer whereas most other vendors will use a glass on glass digitizer, this improvement reduces touch issues to a minimum and although adds a small amount to the cost, it reduces the fault rate on this product greatly compared to the market average. 

iParts4u Premium Quality – These displays are made with the same raw materials and specifications as that of the original product. Although this is not built by the OEM factory, they are built using the same methods and technology used, with a close match on quality of that of the original product. If it’s quality, you are after then the premium is the way to go. Some other vendors may describe this product as an OEM product however despite using the same raw materials and specifications, this is not made by Foxconn (Apples OEM factory.) As we believe in being completely open and honest with our customers, we have described this as a "Premium Quality" product.

iParts4u Complete Screen Assemblies - These are assembly units with pre-installed LCD shield, earpiece speaker, front camera and sensor flex and front camera/earpiece bracket. This will save you time when it comes to installing a new LCD screen unit, however, if you are looking to save cost then the bare units are the way to go.

Contact us now if you have any questions regarding the choice of touch screen parts we offer.

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