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The iPhone 7 Plus was officially announced in September of 2016 and was released barely more than a week later. It marked the 10th generation of iPhones and was surpassed by the most recent release, the X model. Even though it might not be the latest gen device, it's still an incredibly powerful smartphone and it remains fairly common and popular. Many people chose to keep their 7 Plus instead of upgrading to the newer model X. It had all of the features they could possibly need or want.

iPhone 7 Plus
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That being said, they aren't impervious to damage. The operating system can experience a variety of minor bugs and some of the parts are prone to damage. The 7 Plus was notorious for completely removing the standard 3.5mm audio jack and forcing customers to use the proprietary lightning port. Unfortunately, that port would often become loose and stop functioning entirely.

Other problems you might experience in time include decreased battery life, faulty charging ports, and an inability to pick up a Wi-Fi signal. One solution to these problems is to send the phone to a repair company. Chances are, they'll charge you a pretty hefty bill and may not even fix the actual problem. In some cases, the phone is severely damaged during the repair process and needs to be replaced entirely. Why waste money on something that is so risky?

A more affordable solution would be to purchase the necessary 7 Plus replacement parts and make the repairs yourself. It might seem like a crazy idea at first, but there is a large community of iPhone users who take the DIY repair route. They share everything that they've learned online, including schematics, tutorials, videos, and complete breakdowns of the various devices. We have our own range of tutorials on our blog that may also prove helpful if you are attempting a repair and are inexperienced. Considering that this mobile handset is a few years old, you can rest assured that there is an in-depth tutorial covering every possible repair available here or on the net.

If you have access to the right tutorials, then all that is left is getting your hands on the necessary 7 Plus spares. That's where our company can help out. We carry all of the iPhone replacement parts that you are likely to need. All of our components are in full working order and are available at prices that are highly competitive. As a matter of fact, if you do manage to find the same part for a cheaper price we will discuss our price match promise with you.

Our list of 7 Plus spare replacement parts includes a healthy inventory of replacement parts for nearly every iPhone on the market as well as the 7 Plus model. For example;

Lightning port replacements

Charging Ports

Glass Screen Replacements


Additional accessories and tools


Don't spend more money than you need on an expensive dealer repair service that will be carrying out fixes you can often do at home. Instead, search through the impressive catalogue of affordable replacement parts available at iParts4U. We guarantee that you'll find what you need at a price that you like. If you need our help to discuss your parts requirements, prices or the repair you are considering then feel free to contact us.

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