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iPhone 8 Battery Replacement

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Can you recall the last time you didn’t have your phone for more than five minutes? Probably not and if you can, you can attest that the five minutes must have felt like an eternity. Everyone hates to miss calls, text messages and of course, those precious moments of perusing through social media. So, when you’ve spent a large sum to get that gorgeous iPhone 8, you’ll take it with you wherever you go including when you are going on active adventures and sports commitments. Understandable because the iPhone 8 plus isn’t just any phone, it’s superb features including the full HD display screen resolution make it a significant investment.

iPhone 8 Battery
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Are you replacing the battery on an iPhone 8? Or maybe the adhesive has become dirty and is no ..

£1.95 Ex Tax: £1.63

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If you're experiencing issues with the battery life on your iPhone 8, it may be time to replace the ..

£14.95 Ex Tax: £12.46

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While we will do everything in our power to protect our precious mobile handsets, we can accidentally drop, crash or worse, submerge them in water. The result: a broken device lying around in the house. You are left pondering the question of whether to go to the nearest Apple service centre for repairs, look for licensed Apple technicians or fix the problem yourself. The mere thought of fixing your iPhone can be overwhelming, often because of lack of experience and sometimes due to fear of making things worse than they already are. However, with the right guide and tutorial like those available on our site, you’ll be surprised how easy and cost effective replacing your iPhone 8 battery or case can be.

You want UK iPhone 8 replacement batteries at a reasonable price of course and iParts4U has got you covered. We provide quality and cost-effective battery replacements that allow you to breathe life to your dying iPhone. Whether you are a wholesaler looking to increase your inventory of iPhone 8 parts, or you’re a novice whose iPhone’s battery or charging port no longer works, our company will cater for your needs and provide you with quality products at competitive prices. Here’s are some of the items we have in our product range for you;

Battery units

Battery adhesives

Charging Ports

Tools to aid battery replacement

And much more…

Do you think there’s a better option out there? If so, feel free to contact us and we will be more than willing to discuss our price match promise with you. We take pride in not just our prices but also, the quality of our products and services. We understand how annoyed, irritated and frustrated one can feel when dealing with slow technicians who take forever to repair your phone and end up charging you hefty prices. Also, all our products have a warranty; no exceptions. Did you purchase a defective product? No worries, we’ll look at replacing wherever possible. After all, we stand by our products and services.


If you’re not sure whether there’s an affordable way to fix your iPhone, then we’re here for you. Get to fix your iPhone without breaking the bank or suffering disappointment because the staff at the Apple store say they won’t fix your phone. Here at iParts4U, we don’t just save you time and money, we also guarantee superior iPhone 8 replacement parts and excellent customer service. Not sure what you need? Contact us now if your device is broken or you need help with your repair.

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