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iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement

With mobiles being a huge part of day to day life for almost everyone, smartphones are now able to do more and more with apps and fantastic cameras, the iPhone 8 Plus is no exception! Unfortunately, the downfall of this is the batteries are starting to drain quicker and quicker! Despite the iPhone 8 Plus battery being a capable 3.82V running at 10.28Whr, these Lithium ION batteries will naturally degrade over time. Charging your phone more than once a day can feel less like a mobile and more like a landline! If your battery isn't performing like it should do, you'll want to consider replacing it with a fully certified, RohS and CE approved replacement battery from iParts4u!
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8 Plus Battery
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How do I know if I need to replace my Battery?

Whilst the iPhone 8 Plus battery life has been regarded as a improvement compaired to previous iPhone batteries, these are still Lithium ION Batteries which will naturally degrade over time. If you find you need to charge more than once a day, with standard use and you're fed up of being tied to the mains, then you'll want to look into getting a replacement iPhone 8 Plus battery to restore the "mobile" side of your smartphone!

Can I use a different model battery on my iPhone 8 Plus? Is it cross compatible?

No, the only battery you should be using if you have an iPhone 8 Plus, is the iPhone 8 Plus battery. Although other models may look similar in size or shape, and may even have a similar connector, these batteries are not cross compatible and should not be put into your phone. Connecting the wrong battery may damage your FPC's or completely blow your motherboard. If you're not sure which phone or battery you have, please contact us and we will help you check the model of your phone.


What are the specifications of your 8 replacement batteries?

To ensure complete compatibility, our replacement batteries are made to the same specification as an original Apple battery. 

  • 3.82V
  • 10.28Whr
  • 2691mAh

Are these replacement iPhone 8 Plus batteries genuine Apple batteries (OEM)?

In short, no these are not "Genuine Apple replacement batteries." This is because Apple do not permit third party companies to sell their products. Anyone other than an Apple Authorised Service Centre claiming to sell/use a brand new Apple original battery is not be being entirely truthful. Please be wary of any company claiming to offer this. Most "Genuine Apple Original Replacement Batteries" are either illegally using the trademark on a re-wrapped battery, or selling used batteries. These are often not regulated and potentially dangerous.

Are the batteries that iParts4u sell, safe?

Yes! iParts4u believe in providing quality assured products. All of our replacement batteries are CE and RoHS compliant, meaning they are thoroughly tested and approved.

What are CE and RoHS certifications?

These certifications are not only important to the environment and public safety, but they are also a legal necessity to any company selling a controlled product.
 CE marking stands for European Conformity -which is Conformité Européenne in French, hence the CE!) If a product falls into the "Controlled Product" category, like Lithium ION batteries) this cannot be sold without going through a series of tests to ensure their safety. Only products that have passed these tests get the CE marking and approval to sell within the EU.
RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances. To achieve this compliance, the Lithium ION replacement battery (or whichever hazardous substance) must pass tests to ensure the chemicals and the products are not dangerous and does not pose a threat to the public. 

Do you supply the tools to complete a battery repair?

We do indeed! We offer an extensive range of tools for repair as well as the replacement batteries to go with it! When on the iPhone 8 Plus Battery product page, you can choose if you want to add the replacement battery on its own, or include with the tools & adhesive needed for the repair. If you're unsure, please just ask, one of our team members will be happy to assist you!

Can I replace my iPhone 8 Plus battery by myself?

It is entirely possible for you to do this using the tools & a replacement iPhone 8 battery that iParts4u can provide! Whilst Apple can charge £100's for a battery replacement service, you may be shocked to see how much cheaper you can replace your own iPhone 8 Plus battery for! Whilst we do offer the parts for consumer use, if you're uncomfortable doing the repair, we recommend using a reputable mobile phone repairer.

Do you repair 8 batteries?

We do offer an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement service for just £25! (Delivery costs will apply for send in repairs)

How long does it take to replace the battery on the iPhone 8 Plus?

It takes roughly 20-30 minutes for the average person to complete an iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement.
If you come in the store for a battery repair service, we can offer this while you wait! This usually takes our experienced technician just 15-20 minutes. If you send in your phone via post, we aim to complete the battery repair & ship your phone back out to you the same day we receive it in the post!*
*Due to the nature of some repairs, we may only be able to discover an unknown fault once the phone has been opened. If we discover further issues, we will contact you before proceeding with any repairs. The £20 diagnostic fee applies to all repairs to cover the technicians time and labour whilst opening and checking the phone. Please feel free to message us for more info.

What's is your warranty on an iPhone 8 Plus battery?

iParts4u believe in providing quality customer care, and part of that care is ensuring customers have peace of mind when ordering a product or using our services. All of our replacement iPhone batteries come with a 6-month warranty. We also offer the same warranty on our iPhone 8 Plus battery replacement services!*
*Please note, our warranty covers manufacturing defects. This does not cover faults that are caused by damage (dropping, piercing, water damage etc.)

Why can't I choose the Royal Mail to deliver my replacement battery?

As Lithium ION Batteries are classed as international dangerous goods, it is illegal to ship these via Royal Mail or parcel force. They must go through a fully tracked courier service that permits these items. Shipping a Lithium ION Battery (not inside a phone or table) through Royal Mail or Parcel Force risks imprisonment and an unlimited fine. 

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