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Having a top quality camera on your smartphone is often one of the core reasons you choose that phone, and if you've got an iPhone 8 Plus, you'll expect the high quality 12mp rear dual camera and 7mp front camera to be running at the top of their game, allowing for those all important holiday snaps, selfies and pet pics! This is why it can be completely devastating when they get damaged, or go faulty.
This is where iParts4u come in to save the day! Check out our iPhone 8 Plus replacement camera section below.

8 Plus Camera
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If you require an iPhone 8 Plus front camera replacement as the part is not operating then you have ..

£19.95 Ex Tax: £16.63

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Has the main camera on the rear of your iPhone 8 Plus stopped working correctly? Perhaps the photos ..

£59.95 Ex Tax: £49.96

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How do I know if I need to replace the camera?

If your iPhone 8 Plus gives you the "camera failed" notification, this may be a pretty obvious sign that your camera needs replacing! That being said, there are a few common issues that you can get that give off less obvious signs. If you're experiencing issues hearing someone during a call, then your earpiece could be faulty, but this component is also linked to your iPhone 8 Plus front camera. This is similar to your proximity sensor, if your phone doesn't go black during a call when you hold it to your ear (which can cause all sorts of issues with accidentally typing/hanging up the call) it could also indicate that your front camera flex is faulty, as it is all controlled by the same flex. 

If you start experiencing a strange hue, or grainy imagery when taking photos with your iPhone 8 Plus rear camera, this may be an indication that it has started to fail, and needs replacing. If your find the camera continuously out of focus, it may be that there's some debris or a chip in the outer glass lens, or this may actually be on the iPhone 8 Plus rear camera itself that has been damaged, or marked. 
If you need help identifying a problem, please feel free to contact us and one of our experienced members of staff will do their best to assist you!

My image quality on my iPhone 8 Plus rear camera is poor, will replacing it fix this?

If you're experiencing blurred images, or the "failed" notification when you try to use the iPhone 8 Plus rear camera, then a replacement camera from iParts4u will likely fix this!*
*Please note this is not guaranteed, whilst it will replace a faulty iPhone 8 Plus camera, if there are further issues on your phone that you're unaware of, this replacement camera may not solve your issue.

Is this iPhone 8 Plus replacement camera a genuine Apple camera?

We cannot legally stock a genuine Apple iPhone 8 Plus replacement camera. We're completely honest with our customers, and it is well known that Apple do not allow third party companies to sell their products. Any company claiming to sell a genuine Apple iPhone 8 Plus front camera or rear camera will not be being truthful. You can get refurbished products, but these often come from faulty products and aren't always regulated.

Why should I buy a replacement iPhone 8 Plus camera from iParts4u?

We pride ourselves in offering top quality products, and top quality customer service. Not only are all replacement iPhone 8 Plus cameras we stock made using the same source materials as the originals, of the hundreds we've sold, our fault rate is less than 0.7%! For peace of mind, iPhone 8 Plus replacement front camera & rear camera also all come with an extensive warranty against any manufacturing defects. 

What is the warranty on your iPhone 8 Plus front & rear cameras?

Both our iPhone 8 Plus replacement front camera, and our iPhone 8 Plus replacement rear camera come with a 12 month warranty as standard. In the (very unlikely!) event that your replacement camera goes faulty within 12 months of purchase, you're welcome to return the goods to us for a replacement.

Why does the iPhone 8 Plus replacement front camera come with a lot of cable?

The iPhone 8 Plus front camera is built onto a flex cable that also controls the proximity sensor and earpiece speaker. This long stretch of flex cable folds up to fit exactly where your original iPhone 8 Plus front camera flex cable is. As these replacement front cameras are made to the same specification as the originals, you will not have a problem fitting a replacement front camera from iParts4u!

Can I repair my iPhone 8 Plus camera myself?

Whilst we can provide all the necessary tools you would need to repair an iPhone 8 Plus camera, we do recommend that you only take on the iPhone 8 Plus camera repair / camera replacement if you are confident in your ability to do so, as these can be quite tricky. We recommend taking your iPhone 8 Plus to a trained professional to complete the camera replacement if you're not sure.

Do you offer a camera repair service?

We offer a huge range of in house repair services, most offered same day, whilst you wait! If you would like to find out more, please contact us on 0330 380 1148, or email us at info@iparts-4u.co.uk

The part I need isn't listed, can I still get it from iParts4u?

We're always happy to try to help our customers. If there's a particular part you need for your iPhone 8 Plus camera repair that you don't see on our website, please feel free to get in touch with a member of staff. If we're able to source the part that you need, we can specially order the item in! We're always looking to expand our range and help as many customers as possible with their iPhone  8 Plus repairs. By asking us to source a part, it helps us better understand what our customers want and need from their supplier. If we get asked for the same item more than once, we'll add it to our ever growing list of products on the website!

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